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[NA/Avatus/Dominion] CKN 5/6 GA is recruiting DPS for hardcore 40 man raid progression!


Server & Faction: Avatus | Dominion

Schedule: Sun-Thurs 8pm-12am EST, additional hours required for progression

Recruitment: Actively recruiting all roles for 40 man raiding.  Experienced raiders only.  Apply at

About Us:

<CKN> is an established guild of raiding veterans from some of the best guilds in the US.  We are a one game guild, which means Wildstar is getting our full attention.  We have been involved in testing much of the Wildstar content including elder game and the available raids.  Our leadership has been in place since the beginning and knows what it takes to own at video games.  We have led our team to many world first raid boss kills and are looking to do the same in Wildstar!
Our Playerbase:
All of our raiding members are driven and dedicated to succeeding in PVE Content. Our players take min/maxing to new heights by equipping the best possible spec, gear, and runes available to us. We work outside of raid on our gear upgrades no matter how small they may be.  When not raiding, we are normally hanging out on voice chat, PVPing, leveling alts or running alt/optional raids on off nights.   We are a goofy bunch that will be messing around on farm bosses, but once working on a goal we are serious about achieving it. We consider ourselves hard core with a (mostly) set schedule. On occasion we ask our raiders to stay an extra hour or to come on an extra day to kill something that we’re very close to defeating.

Our Accomplishments Include:

  • World First Nightmare Annihilation Droid on 16M (EV-SWTOR)
  • World First Unyielding Title (KP NiM-SWTOR clear in under 2 hours)
  • US First Nightmare Pilgrim (SWTOR Euros had access before we did)
  • World First Hard Mode Operator IX on 16M (TFB-SWTOR)
  • World First Hard Mode Kephess the Undying on 16M (TFB-SWTOR)
  • World First Hard Mode The Terror from Beyond on 16M (TFB-SWTOR)

Raiding Info:

We will be focusing on the 40man raids Wildstar has to offer as well as the 20man raids.

Raid spots are granted based on skill and dedication.  This means if you are reliably a good player then you will be in the raids over those that die in fire

Raid Schedule is 8pm-12am EST Sun-Thurs

Weekend and Alt groups normally run Friday night or Saturday afternoon.

We are a hardcore raiding guild come progression time. This means we will raid many hours a week when there is new content to work on, including raids available on the Public Test Server. During progression it will not be unlikely to ask our raiders to stay an extra hour or to come on an extra day to kill something that we're very close to defeating. During progression, consider raiding a part-time/full-time job that you love. Once the progression race is over, our schedule tones down quite a bit. Usually down to a one or two night farm clear and the weekend for alt/fun runs

Loot Rules:

We will be using a point-based system that takes attendance into account. More desirable items will require a higher attendance. During progression, expect to see gear being funneled, usually to tanks. This will change as we feel is necessary.

Raiders must maintain an 80% attendance and recruits must maintain a 100% attendance during their trial period.  Our attendance rules are based off a 30 day cycle.  We feel as though this is very lenient. If a raider cannot meet the minimum attendance requirements, he or she will not be eligible for loot until they can raise their attendance.

What We Expect From Our Raiders:

Desire For Success - We are driven as individuals to conquer new content as fast as we possibly can. This requires a competitive attitude as well as the will to bend over backwards and walk across fire to get as close to your best in slot gear as possible. You must be prepared with the best consumables and be ready to give every night your raid with us your all.

You Are Not Here For Loot – Some people are driven by pixel rewards. As a whole we are here because we enjoy raiding and playing with our guildies. Our trial period is 4 weeks long and in that time you will be in every raid we can possibly bring you too. During this time you will be ineligible for loot. We want people that are going to be here for the long haul and that means sticking it out during both progression and farm periods.

Know Your Class – You need to be well versed in the different spec’s available to your class. We expect our players to be up to date on the latest changes to their classes. Know how this will affect your play style. You should also have a basic understanding of the different stat thresholds involved in secondary stat soft caps and points of extreme diminishing returns.

Performance – We rate both trials and current raiders on their performance, if you are having trouble with a boss mechanic we will sit you. With our limited time we cannot afford to wipe repeatedly due to repeat mistakes. Players that are on standby are expected to be available to come in the raid at a moment’s notice.

Pay Attention And Don’t Waste The Raids Time - We have a set schedule which means that we squeeze every possible minute out of our raid time. You are expected to be online and ready for invites at 7:45p EST and be at your computer and able to pay attention for the duration of our raid night. We do not wait around for people that need to AFK several times during the night to take care of their sick parrot.

Have Thick Skin – We are a very blunt group. If you are sucking balls you will definitely hear it. We hate when people get defensive about making mistakes. If you are having trouble doing your job, you need to fix it or we will bring someone else in that can.

Attendance - At least 80% attendance is required to maintain Raider rank. We know that people have life obligations, that being said we expect those obligations to take up at MAX 20% of your possible attendance. We frown upon missing PTS and progression raid nights, if you cannot commit to bashing your face against a wall for 4 hours a night, go find a different guild.

Camaraderie – A guild is a group of like-minded individuals that work together to for a common goal. You don’t have to be best friends with everyone but you can’t make everyone hate you. All guild mates are expected to show mutual respect for each other in game and on our forums. While we are serious about progression we are enjoy playing together. If you are a Debbie-downer or talk a bunch of <REDACTED> you will not be here long. Hanging out in game/mumble outside of raid times is encouraged.


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