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Its disheartening

Vanguard is dead.

Nobody wants to create a successor.

Even Pantheon leaves some important Vangaurd features out. I especially miss my Dread Knight (which have NOT been evil, like the EQ and Pantheon counterparts), there is no Blood Mage and no Disciple, and why the frak did they leave out Necromancer, too ???

Plus of course theres these rumors around and actually Pantheon might be a failure, too, anyway. :-(

It seems to me that my time with MMOs came to an end because of lack of interesting games. :-(


  • CendhariaCendharia Member UncommonPosts: 319
    It's way too early in the process to determine what races and classes are the final choices upon release.  Long ways to go yet..(if you are talking about Pantheon)    and from what I gleaned from their site,  anything that isn't in at launch will show up later in an expac.    And then there's the money that will fund the "stretch goals"  that seems to be an unknown at this time.     All we can do is wait and see what happens. 
  • GenerolGenerol Member Posts: 34
    Originally posted by Cendharia
    All we can do is wait and see what happens. 

    Well, to be fair we can also make wagers on what will happen. Think about it this way, for those who bet that Pantheon succeeds the payout would be enormous. 

  • GenerolGenerol Member Posts: 34
    Originally posted by DMKano

    Depends on how you define "succeeds" - as in game being completed - that would be a success in itself.

    Agreed. I simply do not see any chance this game is ever produced, I really don't. Casting aside my feelings on everything else and simply looking at it from a business standpoint it is going to take a business miracle for this thing to get off the ground. There is just too much bad publicity and drama surrounding it and no mentally stable investor will be going near it. Further, with all the recent information flowing on the various gaming websites I doubt crowdfunding will gain any significant steam as well. 

    There is really only one way I could see this game having a chance to get funded and I won't repeat it publicly less he reads it (people can message me if they care - which I hope nobody does) and decides to do it. Point being, the project is already six feet under and why the towel hasn't been thrown in is actually kind of sad and really shows how far one has fallen. If the guy didn't have such an inflated idea of himself and didn't ostracize himself so massively in the industry things might have been different but all that is going to happen with this project (in my opinion) will be a few people following someone off Mount Doom. 

  • Castekin1000Castekin1000 Member Posts: 36
    Originally posted by Adamantine

    Vanguard is dead.

    Nobody wants to create a successor.


    Yes I am sure it must be completely devastating to all 12 people who actually still play Vanguard.  I can`t imagine any company that would like to spend millions on making a game for just a hand full of people.

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