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Good population/community and teaming?

StoissStoiss Member UncommonPosts: 10


It's summer and I have time off from work.

Can anyone recommend me a game with the following:

  • Healthy population
  • Friendly/helpful community
  • Teaming where you feel needed and others need you
  • Where forming relationships, having a good reputation, building your network and joining guilds and alliances matters



  • seigardseigard Member UncommonPosts: 286
    Well you can find a nice community in pretty much any game but for the other factors to be existant you need a game where politics and guild and guild interaction matter. So I'd say Darkfall, where you can find a nice guild for yourself, form relationship with individuals and communities.
  • tommygunzIItommygunzII Member Posts: 321
    I'm also looking for a team focused MMO. FFXI was my favorite and Pandora Saga was good for a F2P before it cancelled. Anything similar I would be interested in if anyone can help.
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