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The Greatest MMO Ever - Real Life

Mr_SneakymanMr_Sneakyman Member UncommonPosts: 43

[Reposted from "the pub." I feel the info is important enough to keep alive just a little longer.]

A thread to make you aware of the greatest sandbox MMO bar none - Real Life! I submit the follow video workshop series for your review:


I've been obsessed with this video series, and others like it, for about a year, and have come to an inescapable conclusion: you and I are not really here.

Consider the following ...

* There is solid, verifiable, quantum physical evidence, since the 1950s, that matter only becomes solid when we look at it.

* We interpret (decode?) a solid “reality” through our five senses only because we are built that way. Our PC monitors work the same. They are built to interpret digital signal so we can see our game. Without a monitor there is nothing but electo-static pulses (your game is not really there).

* The machines we devise to measure "reality" don't see what we see.

* Our thoughts do not originate from our minds: Verified through experimentation, our thoughts come from “the field”, which is another way of saying “a server.”

* There is no separation. We, and everything you perceive, is connected in one giant, unending quantum wave (code). The idea of separation is only subjective interpretation of our senses which has no basis in fact.

* The programmer of this "game" is a few degrees to the right of brilliant. Pi (π), for example, is the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter, approximately equal to 3.14159. “Approximately” means not actually (or “not really”). In other words we cannot draw a true circle, only a crude approximation of one. The coding of our “reality” is so complex that we can only estimate a circle. Drawing a true circle would cause you to go to the infinite.

Welcome to the grand illusion...


  • DrCokePepsiDrCokePepsi Member UncommonPosts: 177

    Damn, well if the creator of the game of life is a few degrees off of brilliant...who the hell do you consider brilliant? I must be lower on the chain of intelligence than a worm's beheaded carcass lmfao

    But yes I do in all seriousness find this 'virtual reality' theory to be incredibly interesting. Scientists have said that break down matter into the smallest possible unit and it reacts like binary..and code...like a computer. It's fascinating! To think we could potentially be a program inside some incomprehensibly powerful computer, is just...wow...haha im too tired to think of a word that accurately describes my emotions atm lmfao

    Never fear, your dream MMO will be here....
    just give me a decade or two to finely hone my Game development
    and design abilities as well as start a Game Design Studio.
    Thank you for your patience.
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