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HousbandHousband Member Posts: 9

QA.png ]


Eastern Time, Stormtalon

PvE, Casual, Semi-Hardcore 20/40-man Raiding, Family/Friend, Outstanding Guild Services

Guild Promotional Website


Who Are We?

Quantum Academy is a young guild on Nexus. We are a small to medium-sized family group seeking for more like-minded players to join our community. QA is not a massive multi-gaming community, nor it is planning to become one. We are here for Wildstar, and Wildstar only;

It's a really diverse, mature and fun group. we have writers, game developers, musicians, table-top gamers, Granok truck drivers and even real life scientists among our ranks. But don't misunderstand our laid back and easy going attitude, we are very serious about our gaming and we are looking forward to make a name of ourselves in all aspects of the game on the exciting planet of Nexus;

Our core is built from experienced raiders and overall old time MMO players. Our unique "Academy Division System" ensures our guild members healthy, diverse, and interactive gaming experiences. Outstanding administrative support and community services provide every player a mature platform to develop friendship, making connections, and enjoying Wildstar. 

What is Division?

It is referring to our "Academy Division System", an innovative creation by the original Founders to provide Academy members the most extraordinary guild services in WIldstar, and to make Quantum Academy "the most content-completed" guild ever established on Nexus. 

We designed Academy promotional website to provide detailed information regarding the division system, along with other aspects of the guild. Here in this recruitment post, the Founder presents you the complete guide to the website, to help you navigate the information you seek. Please visit our promotional website to understand how we function as a guild, and what are some of our expectations for the future Academy members, and the journey in front of us.

What do we do?

As a guild, we seek to build an overall casual/family environment to help new players, enjoy the game, and establish friendship; We are also building Academy 20-man core with advanced players to prepare for end-game raiding, and our visions for the future include 40-man raid, light guild PvP, and even Warplots.

Whom are we looking for?

We remain small in size, that is, the admission to Quantum Academy will be ultra-selective. More information regarding the admission process can be found on the promotional website, please visit it today to submit your application :) We cannot wait to welcome you into the loving family.


--   Recruitment Status Updates   --

Esper (very high)

Stalker (very high)

Warrior (open)

Engineer (open)

Spellslinger (open)

Medic (open)


News (updated 5/23/14): Critical Mass Division recruitment starting today, you can access the Raider Application here 


--   The Founder's Guide to Quantum Academy   --

Quantum Academy Promotional Website


Welcome to Quantum Academy Promotional Website. After a few seconds of title intro animation, you will be able to see our web menus on the top of the page


This is our web menu, click on each to view the information you are looking for.


Academy Express: Quantum Academy Exclusive News. Where you read about recent guild reports, Founder's letter, and Nexus Weekly 


About: General background of our guild, guild history. If you click on "Academy Division System", you will find more details about our division system, how it works, and what are some of the program highlights offered by each division


Short division overviews


Each division also has it's own homepage, where you will find more about the specific programs within that division, and what are the core values, philosophies, visions that division embraces as a unit


Guild policies: including Code of Conduct, General Policies, Raidcall Guide (step-by-step, teaching you how to set up Raidcall server. If you do not know what is Raidcall, we also have detailed information about that!), Raider's Manual (which is not available for the moment), Disciplinary Actions, and Guild Ranks


Admission Page: Where you have access to all the application forms


Application: Just choose the right application for your character then start filling it out!


Admission Q&A: If you have questions about admission process and our guild, we have a very detailed admission Q&A session where you might find answers to some of your questions


Forums and Events: This is the end of our promotional website. Once you become a member of QA, you will gain access to our members' forums, where we talk about everything related to the guild, WIldstar, end-game raiding, and schedule guild activities! Join today to become part of the family!



  • HousbandHousband Member Posts: 9
    Apply today to join our family :)
  • dennotsdennots Member Posts: 4



    Just wanted to give a little update on what's going on with our community at the moment.

    Happy to say that our family keeps growing stronger everyday. Our forums are very active and friendly even before most of us have met in game. We have discussions in many topics regarding Wildstar and also many off topic threads. We are really working on making this guild as tight as possible and this can be seen in all the nice conversations going on in new member introduction posts.

    For casual gamers, lore seekers and explorers, I'm glad to inform that there are currently leveling-up groups forming out. You only get to level up for the first time once in a game, why not make the most out of it? 

    For Semi-Hardcore raiders, you will be happy to hear that our raiding division, Critical Mass, is getting stronger as we speak, so if you ever wanted to raid with a bunch of mature players that know how to have fun while downing bosses, this is your moment!

    Remember to visit our promotional website if you wish to apply or learn more about us, you won't regret about it, will be time well spent! 

    Nexus awaits, have fun!

  • dennotsdennots Member Posts: 4

    Quantum Academy officially announces that we will be on server Stormtalon.

    We are still recruiting for all our divisions. Visit our promotional website for applications and any additional information.
  • HousbandHousband Member Posts: 9
    Still recruiting :)
  • psiicpsiic Member RarePosts: 1,612

    Just have to say for claiming to be the most casual, you sure put a ton of work, resources, and knowledge into this post as well as your guild site.


    Never seen such an organized intense " casual " guild before.

  • HousbandHousband Member Posts: 9

    Casual == disorganized, sloppy, doesn't care about administrative works.

    I hope more players could understand it takes the same amount of efforts, if not more, of those of a hardcore guild to build a casual guild that promises to foster a healthy environment for more players to actually enjoy the game.

    We are not being intense, we are being responsible for what we are doing, showing our commitment, and caring our members.

    On top of that, we have a hardcore PvE Division within the guild. If you actually read our information, you would've even thought about making a comment like that. 

    But I do appreciate your comment, that helps us greatly to show those who are having the same mentality as you what are our expectations, and what type of players we are looking for, and what not.



  • HousbandHousband Member Posts: 9
    The guild is ready to start our journey on Stormtalon in 3 hours! Join us now, do not miss this opportunity!
  • syriinxsyriinx Member UncommonPosts: 1,383
    will Academy General have a raid team as well?  One not concerned with cutting edge content and content to do 'lesser' content but still challenging without being elitist?  Hopefully Wildstar does the smart thing and makes raid gear from 2 or 3 'tiers' ago > group gear, like EQ used to do (one of the huge keys to EQs appeal to both hardcore and mediumcore as well as casuals)
  • HousbandHousband Member Posts: 9
    We are still recruiting! We are in need of more raiders, please check out our Critical Mass Division and apply today :)
  • HousbandHousband Member Posts: 9

    Yes :)


    Our Academy General is currently recruiting casual raiders :D

  • dennotsdennots Member Posts: 4
    Still recruiting! don't wander alone in the dangerous lands of Nexus!
  • dennotsdennots Member Posts: 4
    We are still recruiting, we have people leveling at all tiers including 30+

    Academy General and Nexus Edge Divisions: Still open for casual and/or RP players.

    Critical Mass Division (Semi Hardcore Progression): Still open for all classes. We are already preparing for the attunement at lvl 50.

    Visit our promotional website for more information.
  • HousbandHousband Member Posts: 9
    We are still recruiting!
  • HousbandHousband Member Posts: 9
    Still Recruiting!
  • KridinaKridina Member UncommonPosts: 10

    Still looking for a few more 50s that can consistently raid Tuesday and Thursday nights (EST) along with some weekends to progress in end-game content.

    We also are still open to the casual MMO player!


    Come join our thriving community and enjoy WildStar with a group of people who are serious about having some fun!

    We provide regular events, RC voice communication, lively chat, grouping opportunities, contests, and guild policies that help promote a healthy and strong guild.


  • KridinaKridina Member UncommonPosts: 10

    We are now setting up regular events Tuesday and Thursday 8pm-12am EST (In 4 blocks) to help raiders complete their attunement process and become raid ready.

    If you are level 50 and looking for regular events and are interested in raiding each week and these days/times fit your schedule, check out our promotional website and apply now! We are getting close to 20 raiders and still need a few regular fill-ins. So, hurry!


  • FlamadiddleFlamadiddle Member Posts: 1
    QA is looking for players of all kinds! =) Bumpity-bump
  • KridinaKridina Member UncommonPosts: 10

    We are continuing to recruit for all divisions!

    We offer:

    Regular events, an active RC, leveling help, semi hard core raid team, housing contests, and more! Check out our promotional site to elan more and apply now!

  • KridinaKridina Member UncommonPosts: 10
    Happy 4th of July everyone!
  • Laughing-manLaughing-man Member UncommonPosts: 3,645

    Cool guild, would apply if I was on your server.

    One minor critique.  You cannot use a modifier with the word 'unique'.  Something cannot be 'the most unique' or 'extremely unique'  Unique means one of a kind.  You can't be any more or less one of a kind. 

    Sorry it's just one of my pet peeves. 

    Wish you the best.

  • KridinaKridina Member UncommonPosts: 10
    Originally posted by syriinx
    will Academy General have a raid team as well?  One not concerned with cutting edge content and content to do 'lesser' content but still challenging without being elitist?  Hopefully Wildstar does the smart thing and makes raid gear from 2 or 3 'tiers' ago > group gear, like EQ used to do (one of the huge keys to EQs appeal to both hardcore and mediumcore as well as casuals)

    We do have a sign up for AG members interested in raiding, though our current priority is the semi-hard core raid team. There is also the option of attending the great AG activities and contests we have on our calendar! 


    On our forums, we have an active events calendar that all members can use to create and host their own events if they wish in addition to the ones already placed by the management team.


    PS: I would have answered sooner, but I was not notified you has posted despite the fact I am watching this thread. I apologize for the delay!

  • KridinaKridina Member UncommonPosts: 10

    We are continuing to recruit for all divisions!

    We offer:


    Regular events, an active RC, leveling help, semi hard core raid team, housing contests, and more! Check out our promotional site to elan more and apply now!

  • KridinaKridina Member UncommonPosts: 10

    We have nearly filled our raid team with dedicated members. we DO have a few standbys from our general division, but would love to fill these spots with dedicated raiders!


    Raid times are Tuesday and Thursday 8pm-midnight EST. We will also have a make-up day, most likely Saturday nights at the same time.


    We need 2 more! Yes, that is right..we only need 2 more. Currently we are working together in 4 different groups, so one of these should have a tank spec, at least for the duration of completing the attunement process.and other pre-raid activities.


    So, are you looking for a dedicated semi-hard core raiding team? Are you looking for a group that is already doing regular events together? Are you seeking a guild that provides clear goals, guidelines, a fun atmosphere, and casual activities?


    Then, Qunatum Academy is for you!


    Click now for our promotional website. I warn you, it's awesome!


    PS: We also have room for the causal player in our Academy General!

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