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World of Warcraft: Second Key Drawing Chaos

AdminAdmin Administrator RarePosts: 5,623

Today we held our second beta key handout for World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor expansion.  Unfortunately this did not go as planned and the community being aware of our 4PM-7PM PDT event window brought our web servers to their knees. 

Just as the many users could not access our site  - we were also unable to load the keys through our normal administration interface and make a traditional news post, twitter post, etc.  The only option we had was to "poke" the keys into our database server so that we could meet the commitment we gave the community to get the keys online in that timeframe.  After we did this the 500 keys were gone in just over a minute.

We were unaware that we would see this kind of demand for these keys as we have never seen this in the past with any beta key handout event.

The good news - we still have 4,000 beta keys to issue in the month of July.  The rest of these will be issued through a weekly sweepstakes event where we will give users 72+ hours to enter the sweepstakes and we will then randomly select the winners and send them keys in the following 24-48 hours.  This is the only way that we can capacitate this kind of demand.

We are very sorry for how difficult it was for users to even try to get one of the few 500 keys we had to offer today and we hope these random sweepstakes will at least give all members a free chance to get access to this exciting beta opportunity.

- MMORPG.COM Staff -

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  • gueren717gueren717 Member Posts: 6

    you assholes


    edit: okay I'm sorry I'm just frustrated and that it what came to mind. I blew off a lot of things because I was convinced I could get a beta key only to find out it was a lost cause. Thanks for the clarification but next time just stall the event or something. Your servers should not affect whether a staff member can use their phone to tweet: "servers are crashing and event is stalled" or SOMETHING! the keys were on the OLD link...I mean this is a site that has constant giveaways and I expected some experience because rule number 1 of giveaways over a period of time is not to reveal the link until it's time to giveaway...let alone a link that you already used for the same purpose...I MEAN COME ON GUYS! Help us out a bit, maybe make the next giveaway on Friday or Saturday or sometime soon!

  • suthixsuthix Member Posts: 2
    thats pathetic..
  • YhaathethYhaatheth Member Posts: 1
    Yikes, I feel dumb for refreshing 4 different pages for 2 hours!
  • gueren717gueren717 Member Posts: 6

    I would just like to know where we were supossed to find these keys! I've been refreshing the pages for 2hrs and 30mins! What the hell! Where were they?


  • mtag17mtag17 Member Posts: 2
  • IceflareIceflare Member Posts: 3
    Thanks.  I sat here for 2 and a half houres for nothing.  mind telling me how the hell we are supose to go about getting the keys? cause i refreshed 4 sights on 2 diff pcs and saw nothing.
  • chilltime99chilltime99 Member UncommonPosts: 52

    I blew off my wife and kids for



    still got some luv for

  • TheKaiziTheKaizi Member Posts: 11
    I sat here for 2 1/2 hours waiting, no i'm not new to mmo before asshats start saying that shit. i've been follwing for years. This is enough. TWO HOURS. if they were gone in a minute WHY DIDN'T you TELL US!
  • Dudek28Dudek28 Member UncommonPosts: 224
    your full of horse shit
  • BovinoFRBovinoFR Member Posts: 1
    Where was the link, btw ?
  • ChromTheGnomeChromTheGnome Member Posts: 5
    fucking cocksuckers
  • satora54satora54 Member UncommonPosts: 31
    So instead of halting it and finding out how to do it the correct way, you decide it's better for fuck everyone over without saying anything. Awesome.

  • metalgg4metalgg4 Member Posts: 1
  • Acarter2002Acarter2002 Member UncommonPosts: 2
    Wow. Just wow. Way to keep thousands of people in the dark for hours then totally fumble the giveaway. Also, how the hell were we supposed to know where the keys were? "Watch the main page for info". Yep, we did that and we got screwed over. 
  • Jackgo05Jackgo05 Member Posts: 1

    i waited... three hours... for this...

    good. no im not even mad good.

    no srsly wtf

  • lewdestlewdest Member Posts: 1
    2 and a half hours of refreshing for nothing.  Couldn't have given the news any sooner?  No post to twitter, facebook, or the news page?  I did create this account just for this giveaway, but now I see that it was useless to go to this site in the first place.
  • SquiddyGSquiddyG Member Posts: 3
    spent a good 4 hours refreshing when I could have spent my time doing something worthwhile, masturbating. god dammit 

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  • abahnurabahnur Member UncommonPosts: 63

    ... is your spelling bot dead or...



    edit: sorry i'm just fustrated, thanks for clarification.

  • ZadeshikalZadeshikal Member Posts: 1
    Boo! Shame on you. I sat here for almost 3 hours refreshing Twitter, FB, news, and giveaways. :(
  • Terrant71Terrant71 Member Posts: 2
    Two and a half hours of my life gone.
  • chilltime99chilltime99 Member UncommonPosts: 52

    I don't have a Key...but definitely have a pissed off wife....

    I blew her off for this lol



    At least I still have

  • posamaposama Member Posts: 1
  • Exile_ViliryExile_Viliry Member Posts: 3
    Well, that was a terrible experience.
  • shrenkoshrenko Member Posts: 7
    Aw man, I have been updating since they released ''more beta keys on way'' post everyday every 5min this week for no reason.. typical me.. guess I have to wait for November then.
  • Tyr216Tyr216 Member UncommonPosts: 168
    Originally posted by gueren717
    you assholes

    And this is exactly why should not offer the keys to accounts like this because people are sent here from other sites like mmo-champ and they're just here to leech keys away from the actual members of the community.

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