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What a disappointment, dont recommend to anyone

mayito7777mayito7777 Member UncommonPosts: 768

I downloaded the game, played like 15 minutes, uninstalled. What a piece of garbage.


First no missions that you can run solo as a way to earn research points and cash, sit for 5-10 minutes waiting for a party to get your tank blown to pieces in less than 1 minute, returning to the garage to find out you cannot afford to repair your tank or even load ammunition unless you buy gold coins with real cash, what a crappola of a game.

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  • SerebrenSerebren Member UncommonPosts: 10

    First, this is an arena style game. So, no, you have no single player missions. EVERYTHING in this one is PVP.

    Starting out, you will only face tanks of the same tier or one higher. You will have 14 teammates, and be facing 15 opponents. Some of them (on both sides) will have a clue about what to do, and what tactics to use. The goal is simple, though. Either help your teammates knock out all of the enemy tanks, or capture the enemy flag. Try not to be knocked out yourself (though it is not too bad if you are).

    As for not making credits from an encounter, almost ALWAYS make enough credits to repair and replenish ammo. Starting out, you should NOT buy any of the other items to equip your tank (many will be too expensive anyway). Stick with repair and rearming until you can actually survive for a while. Do research, but don't buy upgrades UNLESS you have a few thousand credits left over after the upgrade (for tier I and II tanks). Until you have some extra credits in your account, you should use them sparingly.

    This game is easily played without buying a single gold coin. In fact, when they recommend that you change your password, you will be given some gold for changing it. Not much, but gold really isn't necessary. Buy it if you enjoy playing the game, but give yourself some time to decide if you do like playing (get some tanks up to tier IV or V, at least).

  • ProfGetzProfGetz Member UncommonPosts: 182

    Op is either confused, or flat out lying.

    If OP only played for 15 min as stated then they would have been in a Tier 1 tank. Even IF OP exploded right away AND the team lost OP wold still be able to repair with the credits earned. Also T1 tanks have free ammo last I looked, Takes all of 1 min to get a match on a bad day, not 5-10.  

    Stop with the lies. WoT has it's issues, but these are not some of them.

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