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Looking for a fresh start in WoW?

NixishNixish Member UncommonPosts: 185

Name: Trial by Fire

Sever: Dentarg (PVE)

Raids: T/W/TH @7:30pm-10EST (4:30-7PST)

Communication: Mumble


Trial by Fire is an Alliance raiding reroll on Dentarg looking for like-minded individuals to join us in a different kind of adventure. If you're weary of the same, tired fresh start guild where a handful of members make it to end game only to discover they lack the most basic of raiding prowess, then read on- we have an interesting and innovative twist on tradition.

Our goal in TbF is to form a long lasting bond between each and every member to encourage a fun and productive raiding environment. In order to accomplish this task, it was decided to spend a little over a week in raids at each tier of the game. This allows a many number of things, for instance:


1.We learn at early levels how each of our members plays, giving us greater coordination on tougher content

2.An intermittent break from leveling allows people with tighter schedules a catch-up mechanic without feeling left behind

3.Experiencing each tier at the level intended gives more meaning to the content that would normally be bypassed. We have reputations to level and transmog gear to be earned.


Currently TbF has yet to break ground and is in our early recruitment stages. In a little over two weeks (6/10), leveling will begin. Because of our model, it is never too late to join the ranks and experience the nooks and crannies of our game.

Our distribution of loot of choice is loot council. Please keep in mind that we distribute loot based on the needs of the whole, not the individual. In the end, distribution is fair and equal for all members.

Above all, we wish to recruit people with a great sense of humor and a fairly thick skin. As we are adults between the average ages of late 20s-40s, our humor can be adult themed with vulgar language in mumble. Additionally, we will keep logs with parses of our raid performance and a leader may approach you about ways to up your game. We wish to avoid those who would be offended by such conversations. Enjoying the company of those you are with is half of the fun of raiding, and we wish to avoid a false premise for those who might be on the sensitive side of the spectrum.


Class needs- all classes and specs are open! Now is a great time to play the class or spec you've always wanted.

Emphasis applies to:

Plate tanks

Ranged DPS


Those who wish to be fluent in multiple specs (swing tanks, healers)


Above all, we would like you to play exactly what you want, not what is needed. From experience, I've noticed people tend to play better and with a higher morale on a class they fully enjoy.


Brief Rules

Please visit our rules page for a more in-depth explanation of our rules and expectations at


The following is a brief synopsis:

•Recruit a friend and heirlooms are allowed. We care not how you earn the levels to the cap we are on. Remember that with our capping system, both aforementioned methods lose their value- it is unlikely that you will be left behind because of leveling constraints

•Casual players welcome! We accept all walks of life. Even though you cannot commit to a raid schedule, we would love to have you on our five man runs, pvp matches and goofing off in gchat.

•Toxic behavior is swiftly adjusted or removed. We will not permit bad apples or functional immaturity to spoil a good time.

On "functional immaturity"- While we don't have age restrictions, functional immaturity defines characteristics of a younger audience- knee-jerk reactions to criticism, the constant need to talk over leaders, or the need to dip from raids because of bedtime.

•Please make use of the website frequently. Leadership checks the website several times a day. If you cannot make a raid, please be sure to post. Disregard for our play time looks poorly on the individual in question. We will also have boss strategies that every member should review PRIOR to the raid we will attempt. No excuses.


If you have any questions, do not hesitate to post on this thread, add my battletag (zaries#1650), send me a PM through our website, or post on our websites' public forums.


If you feel you may be a strong candidate for our guild, sign up on our website at:


Have a great day, and thank you for reading!


  • AnkaiahAnkaiah Member Posts: 2

    We start rolling 6-10, although you're free to make an alt now to level in the guild while we wait.

    Come join us for a fresh new start.

  • AnkaiahAnkaiah Member Posts: 2

    We're capped at 80, atm, with LK raids starting July 8th. We're still recruiting with an emphasis on the following classes/specs--


    Shaman--Elemental and Restoration

    Paladin--Holy--1 or 2 of them

    Mage--Any--1 or 2 of them

    Warlcok--Always seeking exceptional ones :-)


  • timeraidertimeraider Member UncommonPosts: 857
    Time to get back into the game then .. see how it is right now :P
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