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[Eu][Archon][Exile][PvX] Semi-Hardcore is now recruiting!

After getting the NA guild up and running the EU members of the Zealot Gaming community have branched out to start a guild on Archon. We are an international PC gaming clan with over 600 members spanning a variety of games! Founded in March of 2011, Zealot Gaming continues to grow daily and welcomes all interested gamers to join our family.

The clan community forums are where most of the action happens. You can find news, events, and all sorts of activity and action there. We also host an official TeamSpeak3 VOIP server. It is free for all members and allows members the freedom to create their own subchannels and invite their friends to join for free!

We are looking for active players to build and maintain a community inside Wildstar, and after the guild gets established, we will be looking to do PvP, PvE and social events, so there will be things to do for every player that wishes to join.

If you have any questions, /w or mail Starfoxy/Waylay/Tungii in game and we will get back to you, or if you want to join Zealot gamings EU section of Wildstar, apply on our website, using the Wildstar EU tag as your game of choice (not to be confused with NA)


Looking forward to seeing you on Nexus!


  • talmemrantalmemran Member Posts: 2

    Recruitment is still open for all classes.

    If you already finished your attunement we're about to start 20 men raids so be sure to join and get some progression going!

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