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  • vuchk0vuchk0 Member Posts: 1
    'Started with Soulstorm. Loved the game and wanted to play the older ones aswell. Went back to the first DoW and heard Sindri speak. He made that game 100% more awesome. Ever since then, I've always played as Chaos. Death to the false Emperor!''
  • AgreasAgreas Member Posts: 1

    Never played the tabletop game but im a fan of the lore and the games.

    In Space Marines exterminatus: standing aginst three 'eavy Nob and kicking their asses with only a chainsword in the most awesome way i ever did... it was damn good and damn satisfying and the others was like "What the hell O.o ".

  • PsyMike3dPsyMike3d Member UncommonPosts: 388
    My favorite was when i was playing Space Marine... and i was always thinking while playing it..."if only it was an MMO" :P
  • Pantasma0Pantasma0 Member Posts: 1

    Game: Dawn of War 1

    What happened: Playing a 1v1 match against my brother, I was Chaos SM (World Eaters) vs Space Marines (Blood Ravens). I used only infantry units (no sorceror) and order them to attack on melee always, my bro played kinda defensive and built a base with defensive turrets everywhere, and had his vehicles and infantry staying at the HQ so i charged him like 6 times (losing all my units) killing more than half his army, was pretty hilarious to watch all my units go charging against his vehicles and marines shooting from a distance. Finally I was moving to attack one last time (with a Bloodthirster ready to be summoned) and then i found my enemy in the middle of the map, so a battle begun and misteryously I was winning, but i think my brother was afk or something cuz when his units where starting to retreat form the battle there was only like a 20% of what it was. Enemy army = broken, mine=powered badasses. Attack his HQ, summon Bloodthirster, destroy everything. Win. After the game, call him and when he pick up the phone I shouted "BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD! SKULLS FOR THE SKULL THRONE! KILL! MAIM! BURN! KILL! MAIM! BURN!" It was pretty hilarious at the time.

  • cerebrixcerebrix Member UncommonPosts: 566

    my favorite warhammer 40k experience has been waiting for a warhammer 40k mmo to finish.


    I love what ive read, and have had a great time reading up on it.  However I did try to go to a miniature shop to look at the game itself.  This made me want to play the mmo that much more.  not because of the excitement though.  I cant wait to play in an environment devoid of that unique combination of smells that is doritos, bo, and paint that apparently games workshop stores have in abundance.


    this is why i love mmo's.  they allow me to play strategy, rpg, and card games in the comfort of my own home which smells like lavender glade.  not paint, bo, and doritos.

    Games i'm playing right now...

    "In short, I thought NGE was a very bad idea" - Raph Koster talking about NGE on his blog at

  • KurgantheLurkerKurgantheLurker Member Posts: 1
    Seeing White Dwarf cover #99 in a comic book shop in 1989.  Nurgle Marine on the cover got me hooked from then on.
  • HolyTrevorHolyTrevor Member UncommonPosts: 55
    best moment would have to be playing at games workshop during some painting day and having a choice of what to kill with my plasma cannon, some demon thing that would have won us the game or my friends last remaining units. ofcourse the only choice i could pick was to betray my friend lol
  • MilanderMilander Member UncommonPosts: 178

    My favourite WH 40K experience? Waaaay back when my friend first started to try and get me into the 'evil world of miniature gaming' mostly because he was finding it hard well, finding others who would pay hundreds of dollars for armies. So he decided to sit me down (as I'm a long time gamer) and teach me how to play. Was a short little skirmish, me playing some ragtag group of orcs, just infantry and a few with rocket launchers. His army was Space Marines with a troop transport and some other carrier. So he figured "This will be an easy fight" The short answer is I killed everything, barely lost an orc. First shot with the launchers, took out weapons and mobility (even after his "Haha good luck you'll need a 6 to even scratch it") Think I ended up making some critical shot with the second barrage, that made it go boom with everyone still inside it or something. Needless to say, he was annoyed at my luck with the dice, and never tried to force the game on us ever again. Was much fun watching his sure thing fall apart before his eyes. We did still play a few more times, but no one caught the bug as much as he did


  • GreekaGreeka Member UncommonPosts: 29
    Was playing Relic Entertainments Warhammer Dawn of War game and having the giant mech with the chainsaw weapons arm running through orc enemies and lifting them into the air and watching them twitch on the end of the chainsaw as they were run through and lifted into the air.
  • NokZulNokZul Member Posts: 1
    Probably during Dawn of war Soulstorm, playing against 2 standard AI with my buddy who was new, he got attacked and I sent some troops over to defend his base because he was losing.  Shortly after i notice that my other troops are being attacked by a bigger force, so i pull back, regroup, and push that force back, rebuild my troops a little bit, send them over to finish what few enemies i left at my friends base, and then pushed up, and killed the guys who attacked him, had no problems.   I told him to rebuild and help but he didn't see the text so he was just watching.  I go in and he has a huge army, the battle begins!  I had about 3 dreadnoughts, and called in 2 more, plus 3 tactical squads, grey knights, and both terminator squads, and an assault squad, and ended up losing everything except 3 tactical squads, and ranged terminators, which i managed to barely keep up burning requisition every time i had enough...needless to say, we won and my friend was in awe lol.
  • dr2pepperdr2pepper Member UncommonPosts: 30
    My favorite experience with Warhammer 40 tabletop was when my brother and I first played together. we had been extremely distant from each other for a long time. Finally we got together one time and we were trying to use our time together the best we possible could. Since I had been playing for awhile I brought it up to him and we decided to play. Since then him and I have become closer and play on a regular schedule. Nothing like some table top to bring two people together.
  • renireni Member UncommonPosts: 32
    Watching my friends play the rts back in my first days in the college dorms
  • DrakolusDrakolus Member UncommonPosts: 134

    My favorite 40k moment probably was discovering the Thunder-Hammer and Jetpack in the Space Marine game.  I LOVED bouncing around and hitting like a bomb from above with that thing.

    Also, even though all my friends know I do it regularly now, using a Chaplain led unit of Assault marines to absolutely rip through other units is always good for a giggle. 


    My least favorite moments though... The Dark Angels and Salamanders novels from the horus heresy era.  My favorite legion has been the Salamanders for a long time and I loved the fluff around Vulcan.  After Nick Kyme got a hold of him, he's some immortal teleporting god-like nuttball? 

  • gettozachoppagettozachoppa Member Posts: 1
    Building my first imperial guard army including my first superheavy went for a classic baneblade customized for my catachans...yeah i know makes no sense theyre jungle fighters but shhh.....what the inquisition dont know cant hurt them!!
  • zigalucardzigalucard Member UncommonPosts: 144
    My favorite experience was playing the demo of Space Hulk for the very first time back in the 90's, I remember dying a lot.
  • allreadydeadallreadydead Member Posts: 1

    My Favourite WAR40k moment will be when you announce I won the founder pack. 


    I always liked to use blood angels to jet pack into the middle of the combat tho.

  • MirathelMirathel Member UncommonPosts: 137
    The Dawn of War games are by far my favorite RTS games to date! Space Marine wasent half bad either :P Cant wait for Eternal Crusade!!
  • dookie23dookie23 Member Posts: 5
     Dawn of war series is what brought me into the IP, Being able to see these armies and lore of it expand almost to eternity.The orks are my favorite with their dark humor and constant destruction. One time in skirmish map in DOW2, there was my hero warboss vs his space marine hero. They were duking it out  over the area  and eventually my ork warboss became the victor! IP is great and I have no doubt Eternity Crusade will be super awesome!
  • AndrosTRBAndrosTRB Member UncommonPosts: 15
    I discovered the W40k universe through the first Dawn of War game. At the time I thought it was a silly name for a military game and I had no idea the passion that this title would spark in me. I can remember the moment that I realized I'm in love with this universe: I was playing a co-op with my friend and we were 2 Space Marine squads in a crater holding off endless waves of orks and eldar. We kept reinforcing them and managed to hold of the control point. I never felt that kind of adrenaline in a RTS.
  • azrael6699azrael6699 Member UncommonPosts: 1
    My all time favorite experience happened during an Apocalypse-sized game of Warhammer 40k when my Avatar of Khaine stood toe-to-toe against the Daemon Lord Zarakynel. The Winds of Chaos raged strong across the battlefield as Craftworld Iyanden prepared to defend themselves against the daemonic horde. Right away, my opponent strode Zarakynel, Daemon Lord of Slaanesh, out to the center of the battlefield and challenged my Avatar to single combat. I accepted and brazenly sent forth the Avatar to do battle with the Eldar's ancient enemy. The dice were on my side as the combat between Zarakynel and the Avatar ensued for all 6 turns of that 5,000 pt game! There were many casualties of both Eldar and Daemon before the Eldar rose triumphant. Not once did Zarakynel's sword, The Souleater, make it through the invulnerable defenses of the Avatar, for that would have spelled instant death for him for sure. It was definitely an epic battle remembered fondly and there is now a daemonette's head on the Avatar's base as proof of his prowess.
  • Giarc02Giarc02 Member Posts: 1
    My favorite experience was watching my Warhound titan explode.... the big explosion. Taking about another 1000 points of my army with it. It was epic!
  • SiIverwolfSiIverwolf Member Posts: 1

    Playing a TT Game with a good mate, 4th Edition, 2500pts of Space Wolves vs 2500pt of Dark Angels Death Wing;

    It was a tough, bloody game the whole way through, but the highlight of the game was most certainly a fierce close combat battle within a large ruined building, between my 15 Blood Claws & their accompanying Wolf Guard Battle Leader, and the DW Librarian, Venerable Dreadnought, & 2 full squads of Death Wing.

    With my Blood Claws ride, a Land Raider Crusader, torn apart within spitting distance of the building, they piled out of their stricken vehicle and in typical Blood Claw style charged straight into the teeth of the enemy.

    A titanic round of combat commenced, with severe losses on both sides, my WG Battle Leader earning a place in the halls of Valhalla before finally succumbing to the overwhelming attacks from the enemy. At the close of the first round of close combat, 5 Blood Claws, 2 with Power Fists, were left locked in battle with 5 Terminators. The DW Librarian & Venerable Dreadnought so far managing to steer clear of the fight and continue to bring to bear ranged fire on my other forces.

    During the second round of combat the spirit of the Great Wolf stood shoulder to shoulder with the Blood Claws, and 5 more Terminators fell, taking 4 of the 5 remaining Blood Claws with them. The surviving Power Fist equipped Blood Claw could not even take the time to grab a breath, as his eye caught his next target, the DW Librarian, and with a snarl he launched himself straight back into close combat with his foe.

    Another round of fierce close combat ensued, but this time the spirit of the Great Wolf guided the actions of the young Blood Claw, with every swing of the Librarian's sword finding nothing but air as he danced around his foe, looking for that perfect opening for his Power Fist. And he found it. Swinging with all his might as the Librarian's last swing over-extended that tiny, fatal amount, the young Blood Claw took his opponents head clean off his shoulders. But still one foe remained, and the Blood Claw spared not a moment in turning and charging his final opponent, the Venerable Dreadnought.

    In turn 3 of this close combat encounter, the young Blood Claw faced his most deadly opponent yet. A single blow from the Dreadnought's mighty fist capable of tearing him in half. Yet the spirit of the Great Wolf remained with our young hero, and once more his feet found sure footing as he ducked and weaved the blows of the enemy, searching, searching for a weakness, a flaw in the mighty Dreadnoughts armour.

    With a howl of triumph the Blood Claw made his move, sliding through the legs of the Dreadnought, slamming his Power Fist through the weaker rear lower armour, grasping vital power conduits, and tearing them from the Dreadnought, destroying it.

    At last the Blood Claw had a moment to gather himself, his breath laboured, his side burning where a Death Wing thunder hammer had almost split open his armour. Shaking off his animalistic rage he looked back behind him, his 15 fallen brothers strewn among the 20 terminators they had fought. And to his left, and in front of him, the kills that would come to earn him a place in the Wolf Guard of Bran Redmaw, a Death Wing Librarian & Venerable Dreadnought.

    As his head cleared, the sounds of battle raging around him filtered into his mind. The battle was not yet won. Foes of the All-father still fought this day. With a final gesture of respect to his fallen brothers, Randulfr picked up the Librarian's Power Sword, and slipped back into the shadows of the ruins around him, seeking his next prey.

  • KorthalKorthal Member Posts: 1
    Definitely having played the original Space Hulk board game way back in the day. It was my first interaction with anything 40k related and I loved every moment of it. Walking around, turning a corner and suddenly a pack of Genestealers waiting for you. Amazing game that put me on the path of everything 40k.
  • RahkilRahkil Member Posts: 2
    After discovering the first edition of the tabletop game "SPACE HULK" with my friends and all the awesome nights that followed.
  • augustgraceaugustgrace Member UncommonPosts: 628

    My favorite memories are of playing my Squat army many many years ago.  Didn't win a ton of victories, but I enjoyed myself, and my opponents frequently seemed amused at my tactics.  

    I kitted my Warlord with an attack bike, combat drugs and a vortex grenade, sent him shooting across the field in the first turn, then wrecked havoc delivering the vortex grenade where it was least appreciated.

    My engineer was equipped with an old school jetpack, a displacer field and a graviton gun.  Favorite memories of him are fighting of a greater demon of Khorne for 3 turns to a draw.  And collapsing a building stuffed with genestealers with a very lucky shot from his graviton gun.

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