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NA Dominion Guild - Quantum Recruiting

Quantum is a NA Dominion guild.  www.quantum-gamers.com

Quantum is looking for raiders, PVPers and casuals.  Wildstar rewards grouping and playing with other guild members with a particular currency so we are aiming for a large guild doing a variety of in game activities.

Raiding and PvP will be taken seriously.  We are playing to be successful.  Our guild consists of experienced and motivated players all wit the expectation to complete and conquer this content.  You will have to play well to maintain a position on our principal raiding team.

We will have casual and alt raids weekends with our experienced raiders on alts so that everyone in the guild can experience all of the content.  Everyone will be welcome on the weekend raids.  We don't know much about warplots yet but we hope there will be a way to work the more casual players into that as well.

Currently recruitment is open to all.  If you have a group, friend or spouse that would like to share the benefits of being in a guild they are more than welcome. 

Expanding for a reliable 40 main raid and warplot will be an effort.  If you are a guild looking to consolidate in order to man up more quickly please mention that in our forums.

There are many officer positions to fill.  If interested please contact us at www.quantum-gamers.com



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