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[US][Dominion][PvX] Enraged Robot Army - Funcore Raiding

Enraged Robot Army is currently all classes for 20/40-man raiding and PvP.

Who we are:     

A ridiculous group of gamer friends who’ve spent way too much time with each having fun and killing shit. We have a great core group of 15-20 very talented raiders, and are looking to fill out our roster.  

We are currently running multiple veteran dungeons groups every night working towards attunement.

Who we’re looking for:     

We’re looking for fun people who know their shit. Wildstar PvE content is going to be hard, and the only way groups are going to stick together and put in the time and effort to make progression is if everyone has fun, even while wiping.

If you're interested, register on our site:


We are on Pergo server   

We plan on doing warplots, and we have some serious PvP lovers    

Tentative raid schedule 3 hours a night, 3 nights a week    

Times will be centered around Central Time Zone, but we're flexible    

Loot will handed out with our own council/roll system    

We use teamspeak  


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