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[NA][Dominion][Caretaker] EVIL, a Limited Liability Company

Disclaimer: By reading the following sentence, you acknowledge that the EVIL LLC is not responsible for any and all symptoms of TLDR disorder you may experience while reviewing the following recruitment message.


Our Vision

"Power comes from within."


Greetings, loyal citizens of the Dominion, from the Evil LLC. Thank you for taking the time to read this shameless corporate recruitment advertisement. We here at EVIL believe that any company is only as strong as the executives who manage the agents who control the servants who do our bidding. That's right, it's all about the people. As the mysteries of Nexus continue to be uncovered and the planet is increasingly occupied by the glorious Dominion, the EVIL LLC will be there at every stage to manage and monopolize the growth of these new endeavors. As we expand our influence, we will require quality representatives to oversee this expansion for the benefit of both the Dominion and our corporation.


The world is changing, and we are adapting with it. As the threat of Exile usurpation grows, the focus of our company must shift to combat this growing insurgency. As we seize new growth and development opportunities for Dominion assets on Nexus, we will also be taking an active role in the fight against the Exiles, providing our own privately funded security force to aid in this conflict. We are confident that this brand expansion will offer unique opportunities to strengthen our internal capacity, ensuring EVIL remains competitive in this changing landscape.


Internship Opportunities

EVIL is proud to offer internship opportunities in a wide array of fields, including ill-mannered infrastructure; downstream chemical engineering; Dominion revisionism; R&E (Research and Embezzlement); and corporate surveillance and tactical operations. 

To be considered for internship:

  • Contact Galis, our head of HR; or myself (username: Travail) and express your interest in joining our ranks.
  • After considering your application, we will decide whether we wish to move forward with your internship.


Corporate Acquisitions

EVIL LLC is also interested in absorbing other small companies into the folds of our own corporate structure. We encourage small companies of up and coming entrepreneurs to apply for absorption into our large corporate machine, for the mutual benefit of all.


Red Oyster

Evil Public Relations



  • Travail01Travail01 Member Posts: 2

    So, I fully realize that I probably failed miserably to incorporate much if any useful information into that opening post, :P so now it's time for some nitty gritty details about the EVIL LLC guild.


    The Evil LLC is a casual and close-knit community of players looking to grow gradually and steadily into a guild which can take on any and all content Wildstar can throw at us. Our focus is on building our community, and we will tackle both PvE and PvP content at a pace that is comfortable for our members.


    Our core membership is a close group of players, many of whom have played other games together in the past. We understand the importance of building lasting relationships in MMOs, and we encourage other groups of friends who are looking for a home to check us out. And of course, solo applicants are also welcome. We're all lone wolves until we aren't, as they say. Or at least, that's what I always say. Well, actually... I'm pretty sure that's the first time I've ever said that. Just now.




    To apply, head over to our website. We've created a rank for new recruits in the game, sort of a "trial run" where we can get you into our guild chat and hang out for a little while, getting to know you before deciding whether we are a right fit for each other. We also encourage players to seek us out in-game, because that is where we want to do the majority of our recruiting.


    Feel free to seek out one of us in-game or on our website: our head recruiter, Galis; myself (character name RedOyster); either of our leaders, ThudCrash or Virulent; or any of the other officers listed on our website.


    See you all soon in Wildstar!



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