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Tethering for online gaming

lilreap2k3lilreap2k3 Member UncommonPosts: 353

Hey guys. I am attempting to play a game online using my phone tethering while I am away from my house. The ping and speeds seem fine with this connection but I am unable to stay connected to the game.

My ping is around 65ms and my speeds are 25mb up and 12mb down. The game I am trying to play is www.nexustk.com which you can probably tell from the screenshots is a very low requirement game. The problem I am having is once I get past the character login screen and reach the actual game I immediately disconnect.

Is there something I can do keep from disconnecting or is this just a product of using my phone to connect?

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  • CleffyCleffy Member RarePosts: 6,247

    Using your phone. Here are the stages the server sees.

    Connect to Patch Server

    Connect to Login Server

    Connect to Character Selection

    Connect to Play Server


    At the Play server section is when they game begins to load in the actual assets and depending on how the game is setup, it is where hardware faults usually occur. If you immediately disconnect, that means that your current hardware setup will not work for the game.

  • lilreap2k3lilreap2k3 Member UncommonPosts: 353

    It did work a few times testing at my house before I left. I was able to login and stay online for over 5 minutes before I exited and packed up the laptop. Sounds like it may still be the connection, even though the ping and speed are great here.

    Playing - Minecraft, 7 Days To Die, Darkfall:ROA, Path of Exile

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  • CleffyCleffy Member RarePosts: 6,247

    Try restarting your phone. It might be it needs to retarget the towers its connecting to.

    Probably the issue you are seeing is how Cell data is handled. You are sharing the data with everyone in the tower over a radio wave. So there is a good chance your connection is On Demand, or constantly turning off and on. An MMO might require a constant active connection, so once it loses the connection or gets a packet fail; it terminates the link.

  • acemercacemerc Member Posts: 5
    Yes restarting your phone is a great idea...also nexustk is an awsome game even tho the graphics are weak..the game itself is awsome i have played that game for over 5 yrs. and its awsome!! i love the carnages and Sire pit...I love pk ..,but if you dont grind a lot PVE..then you wont have good stats compared to everyone else that has been playing 6+years...so if they made a new server that would be SWEET!! maybe they could get more people to actually take a look at the game if they had a chance to start out with everyone else rather than joining years later and no way in Hell they will catch up.

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