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(AUS)(OCE) Calling all Australian / New Zealand Gamers DarkStar Imperium is now recruiting

Gday Guys n Gals

Darkstar imperium is now accepting applications to join the guild for wildstar. We at DSI are looking for casual gamers right up to the most hardcore raiders to join our ranks and join us in the nexus.

Guild focus: We are looking for all levels of gamers  to create a friendly community and overall enjoy wildstar, The officers of the guild have all been playing since closed beta and are in wildstar for the long run. The guilds main focus will be raiding and pvp. Over the next month our goal is to build up a core group of players to take part in Raids , Battlegrounds , Warplots , Arenas and raiding the EXILES CAPITAL!!!!!! even if those things aren't your cup of tea n u just enjoy playing an MMO for fun and the social aspect we still want u.


Guild perks: We have a full paid mumble server and a premium enjin guild site activated. Even if Saturday is your first day in the nexus pay us a visit. Any questions regarding the guild swing by our site and speak with an officer. Early access starts this Saturday so be sure to join!!

We plan on supportting the oceanic community and playing on the OCE tagged sever MYRCALUS as the dominion

Hopefully see u at

Thanks for taking the time to read the post

The team at DSI


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