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Wildstar Guest Pass Offers and Requests Thread



  • HikaruuHikaruu Member CommonPosts: 103

    If anyone has a NA guest pass, I'd love to try this game out. Always good to know what you're paying for before buying it ^^


    thanks in advance

  • DarthnamiDarthnami Member Posts: 1
    Hello. Whether anyone else a guest password? Thanks in advance, if the good people respond;) All enjoyable evening.
  • BlademaidenBlademaiden Member Posts: 5


    If anyone has two U.S. guest passes they are not using, I would like to try this with my gaming partner before putting $120 into it. Thanks. :) 

  • ChewiieChewiie Member Posts: 1

    If anyone has a EU spare key that would be lovely pls :)


  • EnigmahtikEnigmahtik Member Posts: 5
    If anyone would be kind enough to send me a NA key by PM. I'm trying to figure out if I can run the game. Plus, if I enjoy it, will probably just straight out buy it. Looking for a good MMORPG that I can play for years. Thank you all.
  • TeyrnTeyrn Member UncommonPosts: 9
    I would like to try it too <3 EU :D
  • afrpaladinafrpaladin Member Posts: 2

    I would like to try Wildstar before spending $60 on it. I play on my laptop through a tether connection with my iphone so i would like to see if the latency is good enough for me to play before i buy it.  Please send me a NA guest pass through PM. I will be very grateful.


  • EusebioKunEusebioKun Member Posts: 2

    I would like a NA guest pass as well. 

    Thank you.

  • Mighty_PlatypusMighty_Platypus Member UncommonPosts: 101

    Hey guys and gals, I am now in the hunt for one NA guest pass for my wife. I would love for her and I to be able to try the game together, before committing $120 to a game. Thanks a ton in advance, and I will thank you again when I get a key.

  • AvsRock21AvsRock21 Member UncommonPosts: 256
    Hey guys. I too would love to get a buddy pass! It would be greatly appreciated!
  • forsaken0351forsaken0351 Member UncommonPosts: 3
    I am interested in checking the game out if someone can give me a NA key.  Thinking of purchasing it but I want to see how it runs before I buy.  Thanks.
  • almerelalmerel Member UncommonPosts: 658
    I would like to give it a go! Please hook a gamer up!


    Hello my old friend.

  • Whooki3Whooki3 Member Posts: 12
    Anyone with a EU code? Could you mail it to jakobpovel@gmail.com I would love a key. Been waiting for ages to play this game..
  • drgrandrgran Member UncommonPosts: 192
    Can i request a US Key. Thank you :)

    ASUS G74sx
    i7 quad core
    16gb ddr3 ram
    3gb ram Nvidia 560M
    240GB SSD & 750GB

  • dbraindbrain Member Posts: 2

    Anyone have a spare NA key? I would love to give it a try.





  • slowpoke68slowpoke68 Member UncommonPosts: 545
    Requesting an NA guest pass if anyone has one.  Thanks.
  • CahillCahill Member Posts: 7
    Requesting a NA pass if someone is willing. Please.
  • SquirlmasterSquirlmaster Member Posts: 57
    I'm very interested in trying this game if anyone has a spare North American friend key they can spare. I played WoW for many years, and this reminds me of all the good stuff in a lot of ways. I don't really have disposable $ to just throw away $60 if I don't like it, so I'm hoping I'll get a chance to play a trial first and see if I get hooked. Thanks all

    currently playing: FFXI
    Waiting for FFXIV to be updated more.

  • RaidonnRaidonn Member UncommonPosts: 12

    Looking for a NA key please.

    Thank you

  • lexen77lexen77 Member Posts: 1
    Would love a US guest pass if someone would be kind enough to PM me one.  Thank you in advance, I appreciate it.
  • maxwell005maxwell005 Member Posts: 1

    Hello, if anyone has a EU guess pass to spare, I would be very grateful. Im quite on the fence on that game and would love to try it out!


    Thanks guys!

  • TopgunbkTopgunbk Member Posts: 10
    SWG Vet still looking for an American code! Thanks!
  • bretd25bretd25 Member UncommonPosts: 5
    Request a NA pass please.
  • Mighty_PlatypusMighty_Platypus Member UncommonPosts: 101
    Howdy again folks, still looking for a NA guest pass to give this game a try before dropping $60 on it. Greatly appreciate whoever can hook me up. Thanks guys and gals.
  • xenoclixxenoclix Member UncommonPosts: 298

    Hi guys,

    If anyone would be kind enough to provide a guest pass for US/NA that would be great! Would like to find one dedicated game to play whilst having limited time now due to family commitments and would rather "try" before i "buy".



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