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Omg .. Destiny is awesome !



  • alexhpy98721alexhpy98721 Member UncommonPosts: 264
    Originally posted by ElRenmazuo
    Originally posted by alexhpy98721

    Ah lol well then they can keep it i can`t stand console controllers... 

    Not trying to start a war but the PC is just better for games even if its slightly more expensive...

    I've played many FPS games on PC multi-player and danced circles around people with my gamepad plenty of times, of course I died plenty of times as well but thats how it is for everyone no matter what controller.  Just because you suck with a gamepad doesnt mean everyone does, its just a preference.  And there are a lot of genres of games that just shouldnt be played with a keyboard and mouse either, fighting games and other such as games like Devil May Cry or Ninja Gaiden.  Even some of these action mmos that are coming out are just better played with a gamepad.  GW2 is so much better with a gamepad.  In Final Fantasy XIV, I had like 50+ commands on my hotbar with a gamepad.

    It has nothing to do with skill, i do fine with a mouse i`m sure i can do fine with a controller, i just don`t like it... for a shooter i feel the mouse is well above the controller. Most  console games need aim assist to get by... that`s like a cheat. :p

    Again, let`s not turn this into a war, its a personal preference... i had a PS3 and gave it to a cousin after 2-3 weeks, the only reason i`d get the new generation is for the Kinect system where you no longer need a mouse/keyboard to play like Rise(well not Rise as it sucks apparently)

    Anyway, let`s end it here, this thread is about Destiny.

  • orionblackorionblack Member UncommonPosts: 493
    Welp that settles it..the alpha preview is awesome!! Must pre-order...now!!
  • CrusadesCrusades Member Posts: 480
    So far so good. They have a platform here that's going to lead to years of fun. Graphics are great, gameplay is fluid, pvp looks like it's going to be great, pve as well. Can't wait until release.
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