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[NA]Zdeno Chua’s - Widow - Dominion

ilovespoonsilovespoons Member UncommonPosts: 46

[NA]Zdeno Chua’s - Widow - Dominion

Greetings fellow WIldstar players,

We, Zdeno Chua’s, are a semi-casual Dominion guild located on the Widow server, NA.

Currently we are looking to recruit other like minded players for Raiding, Warplots, Arena, Battlegrounds, Dungeons, and anything else that you can think of that has not been listed here.

We are primarily a group of friends who are between 20-30 years old. We have been playing various games together for over a decade. We are professionals(some of us anyway..), so play time during the week days can be limited. However, we are typically on for the majority of the evening on most nights. We understand that time can be limited for some, and like to play seriously when we are on.

That said, we also have a good/inappropriate sense of humor and like to have fun.  

As such, we are a semi-casual/semi-hardcore guild. Our raiding times will be serious and focused, and our PvP(Warplots) will also be focused, yet fun, and fluffy. Full of adventure, laughter, beer, and beer. Also Gin.

We are currently going through the leveling process (except for one of us because he “forgot” to work out or go outside all week) and would like to begin progress into raiding once we are of the appropriate level.

In short, we want the following types of players:

- Tanks, Healers, DPS - Doesn’t matter.

- Adult.

- Maybe not adult.. it depends.

- Mature.

- Immature.

- Good players.

- Also bad players. Whatever.

- Serious raiders.

- Serious PvPers.

- 100% casual and not serious about raiding OR PvP. It’s up to you!

- People with a good sense of humor.

- People with no sense of humor.

- People that like obscene jokes.

- People that don’t not like obscene jokes.

- People who hate the Boston Bruins.

- Also people who like the Bruins… I guess… If we have to.

If interested please PM myself, or PM Xault, HMFMD, or Rumblebee in game.



  • ilovespoonsilovespoons Member UncommonPosts: 46


    We do have a ventrilo server that will be needed for guild events. You do not need to be on it all the time, but during  Warplots and Raids it will be required.

  • ilovespoonsilovespoons Member UncommonPosts: 46
    Still looking for more to join our ranks.
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