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So what will this game be all about?

MMOExposedMMOExposed Member UncommonPosts: 6,591
Any info and news on what makes this game standout?



  • ArdnutArdnut Member Posts: 188

    not sure, just read about it for the first time. think before they hire programmers they should hire proof readers:



    Begin your journey and experience a new world after the devastating war between men and machine. Demons at he Horizon (D.e.a.t.H) its taking you to a prehistoric world similar to ours, full of adventure and excitement.
    Your story is told through a character from one of the five factions. All these races from different worlds merged and brought in the new world begin their tale with your help. Choose from the various professions and abbilities that determine your characters personality and playstyle, and enjoy the exploration of the new world.
    Demons at the Horizon comes with full MMOTRPG and MMORPG support. Share your game experience ,invite your friends and take this epic journey together. Explore, adventure, invent and quest across un unforgiving world. Take part in epic battles and gain your faction more power.
    dont think will bother waiting on it though, by time it comes out (if it does) the mmo world will have moved on and hopefully changed for the better

    i look this wrecked because i've got GIST.
    Whats your excuse?

  • FrammshammFrammshamm Member UncommonPosts: 316
    If you go to this website and think to yourself anything but "lol, cash-grab vaporware", you are an idiot.
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