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ryan20_00ryan20_00 Member Posts: 168
Faction: The Exiles
Server Type: PvP - Pago
Server Region: NA East/Central (Some European members)
Guild Website: www.digitalimpulsegaming.com

Who are we?
Digital Impulse Gaming (D.I.G) is a multi-gaming community that prides itself on being a very active community. We look at every one of our members within the community as being a part of our extended family. We make all kinds of friends playing games but the friendships often outlast the games. D.I.G was created to help keep all those friendships going beyond the guild roster. In Wildstar section we have experienced raid leaders who are used to the rigors of high end raiding. They will ensure our end game goals are reached.

What can you expect from us?
A mature gaming community that upholds Respect, Honor, Loyalty & Teamwork.
Skilled players willing to help you learn and improve
Mature, friendly players to have fun and play with
Leadership that listens, we make sure to get your input and always try to improve the community.

We will be a PvE progression focused guild. Our goal is to complete as much as possible in our 3 night a week raid schedule. We may not be first due to time constraints but our raids will be professional and efficient. We will also explore the PvP side of the game but are not sure to what extent. We are currently recruiting a PvP Officer to help us in this regard.

Our Goal is to be as successful as our members want and our schedule will allow. Our raids will have a hardcore atmosphere when it comes to progression and skill with a relaxed VoiP and schedule. We will not waste time in our raids. During the raid we will demand our players get the most out of their class and gear to clear content.

We also have an interest in PvP but are looking for a strong leader in that department to clarify our goals. We are also seeking players with a desire to master other aspects of the game. Are you a world class crafter? Can you dominate the economy? Are a lorehound or housing expert? We have a place for you too!

Community Requirements:
• Must be above the age of 18
• Must be active on our Website and Teamspeak
• Mic
• Ability to carry yourself in a mature way while having fun and gaming with others

If you are interested in joining us check out our website ;www.digitalimpulsegaming.com
When you are ready to join fire an app in ;http://digitalimpulse.enjin.com/wildstarapplication (You will have to create an Enjin account if you don't already have one)


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