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ImrahillImrahill Member UncommonPosts: 23
Hi i have this one little stupid question. I am from EU and i am wondering can i still play this game...have they launched it here? I just looked trial and it was only for N.Americans so is there EU trial somewhere?


  • EstradosEstrados Member UncommonPosts: 15

    Well there is.. and there isn't.

    Essentially it's all the same. There are no special "europe" servers, and I guess you should be able to take the "normal american" trial.

    Anyway here are the outdated European pages
    where there is a free trial option.

    You still need a credit card to activate the trial though.
    But if you want other payment options later ( e.g. "ELV") you have to buy a client through ubi shop first, as you can neither activate the trial with "ELV" nor change payment option later to "ELV".

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