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Viking Nation now Recruiting!!!!

Viking Nation is a community that is looking to start roots in Wildstar as a PvXp/PVE guild for the Dominion faction. We will have a dedicated hardcore raid team, hardcore PvP team, and if playing hardcore isn't your style, we will have casual versions of those as well =). In addition to these fun things, we plan to hold guild events!

Viking Nation is much more than a community of people that play games together. We're a family of like-minded individuals that also believe in giving back through charity events , motivating each other, and creating an environment where everyone is welcome and can be themselves. We also play other games together. For more information on this and how to apply visit www.vikingnation.net. And while you have to be 18+, exceptions can be made ^^


  • ThoraKynnaThoraKynna Member Posts: 3

    We are incredibly excited!!! about WildStar's upcoming headstart and launch!! If you haven't found a guild yet, you are in luck we are still accepting members for our PVP, PVE, and PVX groups!   Come check us out at http://www.vikingnation.net/



  • ThoraKynnaThoraKynna Member Posts: 3

    That's Right, you guessed it our server is Widow. Guild on the wrong server, can't find what you want, tired and irritated? Never fear Viking Nation is here, we are still accepting members into our WildStar guild.  Community based events, awesome people, incredible amounts of knowledge? We got that.  Looking for the best ways to level? Our amazing community members have created guides for just that on our forums. 

    Check us out online at www.vikingnation.net

    Talk to us in game our WildStar Guild Leader is Havix

    Concerned that WildStar isn't for you check out our Streams:


    See you soon!

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