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Second Life Support Sucks

KOOLLAYDKOOLLAYD Member UncommonPosts: 25

I just had all my accounts banned and I was ip banned and they never even told me why. Called thier billing number and all they said was submit a ticket. You'd think for someone who spent thousands in bullshit buying cash in thier game you could get a live person to explain to you what is going on, but no and worse they haven't even responded to my ticket. I never had an issue until now, but damn they got to have the shittiest support system in an MMO for making so much money that I have ever seen. Sad really. Screwed out of thousands just like that and no explination.


  • anemoanemo Member RarePosts: 1,903

    A few years ago I remember complaining a bit with legitiment and well thought out complaints.  and got 2K linden for it.


    Customer service returns EVERYWHERE is based on you being clear, and you yourself realizing that the person you're talking still likes to help people(instinctive human thing) even if they hate the company.

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  • KOOLLAYDKOOLLAYD Member UncommonPosts: 25
    I figure I'd update this post with the results. Took me 6 months of letter writing and all, but one account which belonged to my wife was restored. Someone accessed hers without her knowledge and they yet to fix it for her. She hasn't been as persistent as I was writing them, but end result was because of having had to jump threw so many hoops with LL sorta was put off on investing anything any further into the game. 
  • AlterkAlterk Member Posts: 5

    I've been in SL almost daily since 2006.  I own an island that pays for itself with a little left over for RL spending money.   In that time  I've seen several accounts lost due to carelessness or "accidents" with account information and passwords.   Another reason I've seen may not be true anymore.   One of my tenants had SL nudity in her profile.    She must have gone someplace with a "General" or "PG" rating.   We found ourselves being with day-old names (alts) appearing at odd places and altitudes around the island for 1 or 2 minutes at a time.   Before long they were clustering around her sky platform.   This went on until she emailed me that she couldn't log on.   With my help she went through 4 alts until she FINALLY listened too me and took out the Adult-rated pictures from each profile.   The sex vigilantes came and went for a few weeks and finally disappeared.   In all this I could not get help from Linden Labs since it didn't involve my account directly.  Due to changes in the LL management and a complete overhaul of the Terms Of Service (TOS) and Community Standards (CS) documents, I doubt that this kind of vigilante situation is even possible now.

    I don't know what your situation was, but look to your handling of your account information.  Even letting a family member use your account can get you banned, at least temporarily.




  • outlaw_countryoutlaw_country Member Posts: 5

    I just  had my accounts banned and I am not sure how to retrieve it, can somebody help? I am new here and new  to SL


    THanks for the help

  • lacuey02lacuey02 Member Posts: 6

    Try to contact Linden Lab about it

  • jinxxed0jinxxed0 Member UncommonPosts: 841
    The only reason you'd get your accound banned is because you have a long running outstanding bill or you've been reported as doing something illegal that could get them or yourself in legal trouble. With Billing, they literally give you over a year to handle it, sometimes even two years. They usually tell you whats going on in this case.

    With the legal matter, they wont say a thing to you, just ban you without saying anything. You have to contact support via a ticket. It will take upwards of two weeks now days because most of their staff is wasting their time and money on Project Sansar and basically counting on VR to take off and not be a passing novelty even though we've seen how janky the tech still is in all these games (I personally think we need 20 more years for something decent). but anyway, there's hardly any linden staff doing anything. They'll only jump up to help people deal with issues that can get them in trouble and generally don't care about griefing unless they're bombarded with reports.

    Just send a ticket and try to forget about it. If a month goes by, send a ticket once a week or something until someone replies, but usually if you're just polite and give all the details you can, they'll respond. They've always responded to me within 7 days. I've been playing for 10 years though, so maybe they pay special attention to older accounts. I've only ever been banned once because someone reported me something I didn't do. When i showed them the proof I didn't do anything, they unbanned me within 3 days. The only reason i knew why I was banned is because the idiot that reported me messaged me to tell me that they reported me and the message went to my email where I could read it.

    My guess is that this is where most bans come from. If you're a store owner or anything like that in Second Life, you're going to get a ton of easily offended losers who feel more important in life by reporting everything they see that they don't like. If you interact with people you're going to run into plenty who will freak out on you over small or non-existent things. That's one of the reasons i barely "play" SL anymore. I only log in to make stuff and put it up for sale and do promotion stuff for my store and whatnot.i don't think I've directly spoken to anyone besides a customer needing help in the last 3 years.
  • AllerleirauhAllerleirauh Member UncommonPosts: 496
    edited December 2016
    Nevermind my previous comment @jinxxed0 is raising these SL forum threads from the dead. :angry:
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  • RenoakuRenoaku Member EpicPosts: 3,157
    edited December 2016
    Lets just say I played Second Life for over 8 years, I quit the game if you want to call it a game really, but before I left I killed off many Community in this game for helping Griefers, and well Griefed other Griefers I hated.

    Now people used to call me a Linden (Censored) sucker all the time because I got Perma banned on my main account over 5+ Times each time I managed to get unbanned even when it was something I did, ran an army of accounts for the sole purpose of griefing too, so let me tell you how you can appeal your ban, and why you are likely banned...

    1.)  Account Hacking, in this game is fairly easy, I can't tell you the steps here but I Can provide you some information to help avoid it...

    .  Account Security

    . Do not use something easy to guess, something where you live on each account you can contact support to have this changed if you feel it is easy, Use something Fantasy Wise, and with Numbers at the end too something you never use in game for security verification.

    . Do not save logged in passwords this is easy to still by stealing a persons MD5 File off their PC and replacing it with the files from your %APPDATA% Directory into theirs therefore logging in.

    . Keep your Media off, people like to spy on you "Red Zone" "Voodoo" "CDS" Although Skills Hak, and Zfire Xue were banned there are others who like to violate your privacy and cause problems although I somewhat think Voodoo maybe okay (I do not trust the people running it) because of how they talked to me before, they have no idea who the heck I am anyways, and what I would do if they ever had of screwed with me.

    . SL Voice is not secure it can be traced back to your RL Location.

    . Do not download illegal viewers, or Copybots, these often contain password stealers same with clicking links.

    . Do not sit on objects people in the sandbox ask you too there is a known exploit for griefing.

    .  Only use Viewers from the TPV Directory

    . Use a strong password, do not use password as a password for example unless your a griefer running throw away accounts like I did generating hundreds / thousands of accounts for the sole purpose to grief others.

    . Keeping your payment on file is always a risk if you get hacked.

    . Remove Alts or people you think are alts from your friends list (Back in my day people who forgot both their security question, and password were asked to name 3 people on their friends list...( Real security right lol?)

    . Don't click links even from friends even if marketplace if they had their account compromised they could be trying to phish you.

    . If it doesn't say HTTPS:// its not secure Second Life, or Marketplace link

    . Don't Rez items you are not sure who they are from or accept fake gift-cards that steal your lindens.

    . Do not use (Team Viewer) thinking its (RLV) for Adult Based Role-Playing

    . Linden Lab favors those who (Own a Full Sim) or a cluster of Regions, so you get a little slack when getting into trouble, and fast customer service so this is a perk if you can afford one.

    2.) Money Laundry.

    . The biggest threat to Second Life right now isn't so much CopyBot, anymore its Gachas  There are actually some people who are dedicated to (Carding) and hacking accounts for the sole purpose to gamble the money off through (Games OF Skill) and the launder the money and gachas through clean accounts so they can get the money back.

    . Gacha Scams, people selling (Used) or opened products on the Second Life market place that have either been messed up, or fake items worth at least $4.00 USD or 1k Linden to scam people.

    . Fake SL Marketplace stores, basically stores that Copy other stores property aka Intellectual Property Theft, and resell as a Look Alike, and you end up getting into trouble because others who see it sometimes Ban you calling you a bot even though you just bought it and didn't know (Although I Think people are generally more wise today about it.

    Hardware Spoofing

    Its illegal to post cheating or instructions here so ill keep it very basic, Linden Lab collects your (Hard Drive Serial Number) and (MAC Address) burned into your System Board, however by using a (VPN) and using illegal software it is possible to create a infinite number of accounts and do bad things on them and not get banned from Second Life, this is how Griefers grief others and keep coming back every single time. Basically this changes your IP address, and MAC Address, so you get banned you just change it again and come right back, although if you are not doing any of the following you should be okay...

    . Age Play
    . Griefing, Rezzing Items to cause annoyance or harm to others
    . Harassment of other users
    . Copybotting
    . Adult Pictures in Profile? I haven't seen people perm-banned for this, but best to keep profile as PG as possible I think not sure if they added adult I haven't played in years.

    Generally you won't get banned then so nothing to worry about.

    Getting Unbanned assuming you have done nothing wrong...

    Hi, I have not logged into my account in (X) amount of months, I noticed that My account, and the few alts I use are banned from Second Life, and I am unsure why, Could  my account have been compromised?

    If you have not done anything illegal to get you banned (File a ticket under) "I believe my account has been compromised" might get it answered faster.

    Here Linden Lab customer support Numbers

    If you submit a ticket, and they don't get hold if you in like a week or even maybe 3-4 Business days, give them a call at that number, try option 1, if they tell you they can't help you, call back and try Billing Option 2. (Have your ticket number ready to give them.) In-case they can help.

    Over-All I find that Second Life, Is really a dying game, Some people may still find this game fun, but I quit playing it long ago, and most of the game is dead except for Role - Play, and Family based type RP, Over All many of the SLMC, and people who played long time ago left the game...

    I would also recommend that "Linden Lab" get 2FA, which in addition to logging in with your password, it will send an email and ask consent to login and allow you to White-List IP Addresses which are allowed to login to your account, (Guild Wars 2) and other games use 2FA, and Second Life needs this as well to be more secure and prevent phishing / Hacker attacks, I have already recommend this to Linden Lab but its sad they never Listen to me many years ago and many people have lost their accounts to hackers / Phishing.
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