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EQ and all expantions

WARCRYtmWARCRYtm Member Posts: 875
Hi i pretend to start plaing eq,how do i get the game with all the expantion paks?I have to buy them,or i can get a pack with all?


  • AnofalyeAnofalye Member, Newbie CommonPosts: 7,433

    There is usually a pack with all expension except the last.  Sometimes they grow lazy and it might be the 2 last expensions, but only when SoE grow lazy.  image


    Maybe they should simply put a system where you buy the latest expension, you get all in-between expensions with it, would save them boxes.  image

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  • DijonCyanideDijonCyanide Member UncommonPosts: 586

    WARCRYtm, currently for sale is the Titanium package which includes the original EverQuest & all ten current expansions.  Also included is all the ingame /claim rewards for the expansions that had such during it's release.  One per account rewarded however.  Titanium is retailed for $19.99 & is the best value so far per content, however i urge you to be hesitant in deciding upon EQ.  Titanium is the complete game now, but next month the 11th expansion is scheduled for release, Prophecy of Ro, & will cost an additional $29.99 so prepare.  i suggest if you are new to EQ, to download & try the "FREE" version of EQ titled, 'Escape to Norrath' which allows you to play from level 1 through 10.  It's a watered-down version of EQ to entice you to subscribe, but is informative.  Know that with Sony(SOE) they require heavy investment of $ & time to progress in EQ & this game is already showing it's age.  i cannot in good conscience suggest EQ to a brand new player because of how Sony(SOE) currently operates the game.  Perhaps try another MMO or wait for one being released soon.  Read sites forums about EQ, even the official forums for EQ, for the customers/players perspectives about the game.  Your investment of learned knowledge might save you a lot of headaches, save $, save many hours of time invested, or make EQ more fun for you.  Good luck & take care.

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