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Recommend me a new cellphone;)

andre369andre369 Member UncommonPosts: 970

What cellphone would you recommend me to buy? I have one criteria, not a apple product. You can recommend one all you want, its probably among the top cellphones but I dont like the company and dont want to give my money to them.

Just loooking for some suggestions and would love to hear what you would get if you would buy a new one right now.

I will check them out in a E-store to get some hands on feeling with the product, but Im curious what people think about them. The staff in most stores are biased and will speak positively about any product anyway. 

Rather get some real impressions from people that have actually bought the product.



  • AbimorAbimor Member UncommonPosts: 672
    About three months ago I got the Google nexus 5 and I love it I think the 6 is coming out this summer some time.
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