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Lets design: A new Star Wars MMO?



  • PurutzilPurutzil Member UncommonPosts: 3,048

    Personally, I find it hard. The thing I really like from SWTOR is Jedi, with everyone else.... it just was weird how they could even stand on equal footing with them. Granted not ALL jedi have to be crazy good, particularly in the earlier days where force users were common place in terms of being trained, they always felt like they had more umph to them. It would be entertaining if they played more like say from Jedi Academy with that sense of power and mobility. Granted technology and use can do some to match a regular person with a Jedi to some extent, it always felt fully that they were often kept so much the same in the MMos.


    Really, simply put, I like that feeling of action and mobility, given an 'action' twist were Jedi are pretty much crazy powerful not just hitting 'high numbers' but also how they move and act. Having a real sense of progression, perhaps as a fresh young force user with no training (nor lightsaber) and progression to being able to force jump to high places to using advance force abilities against enemies. In that sense the 'non-jedis' could easily have their own progression through expertise and gaining technology like rocket packs and crazy tech that could act as a 'counter' to some extent... though I'm really not sure how to pull it up.


    My desire to have the whole Jedi/Sith being crazy as they are probably wouldn't turn out well for a MMO going for balance, but honestly its what I like about the Starwars universe the most and its the most interesting. Perhaps one day a game might come that can strike just that right balance, whether its finding a reasonable way to make things seem balanced, or simply going "Screw you non-force users" and focusing solely upon the Jedi and Sith.

  • NightHaveNNightHaveN Member UncommonPosts: 1,051
    Originally posted by yaminsux


    This is how new SW MMO should be.

    Pure blasters, no swords/vibroblades (lets keep swords to Warhammer 40K please), and NO LIGHTSABERS.

    Jedis ruined SW IP, period.

    It ruined SW EP 1-3. It ruined SWG (you can say NGE, but it really a way to introduce jedis to the system)..

    Problem here is fans made them godlike, able to do an array of abilities. Can block lasers, wow talk about lightspeed reflexes. They are godlike. It feels like normal people in SW universe are sheeps unable to change anything.

    So yeah, if it ever be SW MMO....FFS LEAVE JEDIS OUT OF IT. It sucked the fun out of it.


    Nah image

    When the player (if it was an actual player) jumped from the wing, and at that exact moment the wing broke... way too staged for an mmo.  It looked more like a platforming game mechanic.


    Also if no lightsabers, then you don't need Star Wars IP.  Just a couple of laser guns, sci-fi theme and that's it.


    Well in Hutbull I really like force pushing people in the last bridge (my group spawn area), and then force jumping immediately after that.  And that's very fun.  And they are not the only ones that have fun, BH pulling people to acid pits, or fire have a lot of fun too.


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