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Any "new" mmo like this?

ricsi046ricsi046 Member UncommonPosts: 33

Hey guys

Im looking for an mmo which came out recently or still in beta(open).I want a game where not grinding is the only method to lvl up,quests would be good(but not those quests where i have to kill 500 mob for 1% exp),so something similar to wow(leveling wise).I was thinking about eclipse war,but i heard it becomes grindfest after 20 lvl or so.I don't really care about graphics,but no 20 years old graphics.Another good thing would be if it has enough players and where the world is not deserted.


  • Shayyd80Shayyd80 Member Posts: 110
    Wildstar is looking pretty good. I played beta and had a great time. It's got everything i was looking for. I'm used to WoW after 9 years and Wildstar is on par as far as questing, graphics (better), originality (alot of sci-fi!!! awesome!) and the alternate xp you can get for your other careers in the game. I'd also recommend The Secret World (best quest/mission system in any mmo, including storylines, actually worth doing the missions for). Rift Online is fun but after level 40 becomes a massive grindfest. I won't go back to WoW because it's outdated and the expansions have been ok but nothing groundbreaking. It seems like Blizzard could release more than they actually do but instead opt to make people wait for an unfinished Xpac. Not cool. I liked how original Everquest did it (which i am currently playing now). 
  • ricsi046ricsi046 Member UncommonPosts: 33
    sorry i forgot to say that i want f2p games
  • hallucigenocidehallucigenocide Member RarePosts: 1,015
    tried Rift? it's pretty much the same as wow but for free

    I had fun once, it was terrible.

  • ricsi046ricsi046 Member UncommonPosts: 33
    Yes i tried but i think i had some technical issues but dont remember exactly.
  • ricsi046ricsi046 Member UncommonPosts: 33
    I might give it another try.
  • gabriel76ogabriel76o Member UncommonPosts: 7

    Try perfect world.the international version(the original server) is kinda cash adicted u need to spend to get late game money but the private ones are full of players and nice gameplay pvp farming (not too much) u should try it.if u want private try epic perfect world just google it


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