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Looking For Anime Game

NearGodNearGod Member Posts: 23

Alright so the only anime style mmo Ive ever played was maple story but Ive played other mmo's such as GW1, GW2, and many others but I am looking for something different. I recently watched Sword Art Online, one of my first anime series, and was thinking of playing an anime game. I know there is no SAO besides the PsP game and there is no game like it but I am looking for a fun anime mmo to feed into my new obsession. I would like the game to be:


-Anime graphics

-Fun combat, with flashy skills, but no like giant combo counter or anything if that makes sense.

-Dont mind a little grind but I would like to feel that Im making progress.

-Big population with things to do.

-Would love if the game was made recently and not very old.

-Cool armors/weapons is plus.

-Would prefer a F2P game but a B2P wouldnt be bad no monthly subs though.

Alright so if anyone has any suggestions I am all ears. Thanks in advance dont know if I will be able to post again soon. 


  • svandysvandy Member UncommonPosts: 277
    Aion and Tera both come to mind. Both f2p (with very good f2p models) and both very anime-styled in the art department. You could also try Age of Wushu, though that is only sort of anime styled and the F2P model leaves a lot to be desired.

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  • NearGodNearGod Member Posts: 23
    Yea age of wushu is a no for me have tried it before. I will look into Aion and Tera though and any other suggestions.
  • Keldor837Keldor837 Member UncommonPosts: 263
    Blade and Soul is an anime out right now which is based on the world/lore of the game Blade and Soul.
  • NearGodNearGod Member Posts: 23
    That would be cool but I thought Blade and Soul wasnt out in NA yet?
  • Blazer6992Blazer6992 Member UncommonPosts: 630

    Aura Kingdom


  • TorvalTorval Member LegendaryPosts: 20,642
    Originally posted by Blazer6992

    Aura Kingdom

    I agree with this. Aura Kiingdom is pretty fun.

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  • DarkHighDarkHigh Member UncommonPosts: 154

    Aion does have an anime type vibe to it. If you check it out pick siel server Asmodian race. PM me your name here and ill help you get started. Little starter money and a push in the right direction makes a huge difference in that game.

    Never played aura kingdom. I will tell you this though I got a strong urge to play classic lineage 2 after watching SAO.. a huge world where players can't tell your level, danger around every corner, never know if someones just going to try and kill you. Unfortunately the official servers don't have this vibe anymore... would have to look towards the unmentionable servers. L2 is dated so probably not what you're looking for anyway.

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