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My vision of Bounties, Rifts, and Adventure Mode!

RasereiRaserei Member UncommonPosts: 1,130
This is my vision of Diablo 3: RoS gameplay. I am going to briefly describe each one with there mechanics. Try and imagine how the game would be with these changes. I feel as though the game would feel more natural and fluid rather than forced like it feels now. It also opens up more freedom with design of future content/features. It focuses on exploring adventure mode with nothing telling you what to do, rather you find things that open up opportunities for more adventures!


-Bounties no longer automatically start when you enter adventure mode, instead, bounty scroll quests drop from monsters.

-Bounty Scrolls drop from adventure mode monsters in three rarities: Blue(Uncommon), Yellow (Rare), and Orange (Very Rare).

-Bounty Scrolls open up a one time portal in your game to a unique instance of a zone in the game.

-Objectives are displayed once you enter the zone.

-Orange Bounty Scrolls contain a challenging boss fight at the end and yield legendary/set items with more quantity of items on higher torment.

-Bounty bosses and caches have a chance to drop keys for the infernal machine event.

-Bounties have a death limit. When the limit is reached, you are ported to town and the portal closes.


-Rift fragments are now a very rare drop in the world.

-Bounties have an increased chance at rift fragments depending on the bounty scroll rarity.

-Rifts spawn with 1-10 levels and each level has objectives to unlock the next level. The last level spawns a rift guardian once the objective is complete.

-Rift guardians have a very large chance to drop legendaries/sets with a chance at dropping 2-3 at a time.

-Rift guardians can drop keys for the infernal machine event.

-Rifts have a death limit. When reached, you are ported to town and the rift closes.

-----[Adventure Mode]-----

-Adventure mode is the main game mode once you complete the campaign.

-Within Adventure mode, you are free to explore any part of Sanctuary to uncover mysterious rift fragments or find work through bounty scroll quests.

-Champions/Elites/Act Bosses have a chance to be "Blood Crazed". These monsters hold blood shards. Difficulty level determines how many will drop. If you die near a blood crazed monster, blood shards will not drop.

-As you kill monsters in adventure mode, in the same game, you will receive a "soul(s)" for each monster you kill in varying amounts. A soul vendor can randomly spawn in any zone, any act, anywhere. The vendor sells various buffs, powerups, and blood shards. When you exit a game, your remaining unspent souls are turned into experience.

-Treasure goblins spawn in different rarities. White, blue, yellow, orange, and green. White, blue, and yellow have increasing drop rates while orange guarantees a legendary and green guarantees a set item. (This new system applies to both bounty scroll quests and rifts)

-Bosses on Torment 1-6 are locked. While exploring adventure mode on torment 1-6, you can find keys to unlock specific boss fights for that game once. Boss fights are now very rewarding and even more so on higher torment levels. Keys disappear when you exit the game. Dying on a boss locks their lair. Enrage timers removed (This isn't WoW).

-----[Infernal Machine Event]-----

-Uber bosses have a high chance at dropping legendaries/sets.

-The portal closes if everyone dies.

-Soul vendors can sell buffs to aid in the infernal machine event.


  • nariusseldonnariusseldon Member EpicPosts: 27,775

    having another gate (scroll drop) for bounties is just not very fun. People want to jump in and just accomplish tasks.

    Tiered Rift will accomplish some of what you describe, have more challenging content with better drops at the end.


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