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Mount Tyrannas - Rossweisse Family is seeking sadistic pvper

nathankconathankco Member Posts: 2
Some call us sadist. Some called us murderer. And there are some who would renounce us as monster. Despite of what society see us, I considered ourselves entertainers. Killing is the most basic nature we human shared. Some regard it as sinful crime, but we see it as nothing more than a simplistic expression of reality. Killing is a lesson and murder is a performance. Rossweisse Family was founded with a goal to gather like minded individuals, those who in hope to fulfill their greatest pleasure in their entrancing mind - murder. Our family pursues random bloodshed and tormenting of those who are fortunate enough to be in our path of enlightenment. There are no rank nor creed in our family. The only importance is you're able to commit to your grand desire, to fulfill the emptiness we acknowledged as sentient needs. Your satisfaction is your greatest reward. While we do not openly encourage our member choosing victims of large level gap, we would never kick anyone due to reputation or infamy count. Aside from hacking, you are pleased to do whatever you want to fulfill your own happiness.

We sometime hunt in group, an activity which I refer as "The Wild Hunt" ( we would travel in group and hunt down one or more random players in random pve areas. Though we prefer prey that matches our own strength. The term "wild hunt" itself was influence by the Witcher video game). But members are free to practice pvp in anyway they preferred. We sure will make enemies, but remember that all victims are equal, be it your friends or foes. Lives are not equal, but deaths are.

We Seek. We Hunt. We Kill.
May your thirst be mended.

For recruitment please contact Divinite.Rossweisse


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