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What are the selling points?

MMOExposedMMOExposed Member RarePosts: 7,323
What are the selling points?

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  • Dward127Dward127 Member Posts: 46
    it's avatar meets steam punk. with the blue aliens and flying creatures and magic.
  • chucky999chucky999 Member UncommonPosts: 26
    You can PvP with Robots and Planes vs. Dinosaurs. Decent character creator , about it though.
  • WoeToTheVanquishedWoeToTheVanquished Member UncommonPosts: 255

    The game has action combat -- which is probably the best point. You can gather monsters and kill them all in a few skills then gather the loot -- which makes leveling fast. But the downside to this is that the servers lag terribly, which make the action combat system flawed because you're struggling to hit the monsters through this lag.

    The game has mediocre asian graphics -- I'd give them a 5/10 because they're generic and asian. The text font is absolutely awful. 

    I avoided all questing, even though the quests gave you necessary loot and background items which equipped in slots that didn't make any sense. You pretty much need to follow the quests in this game to get to the pvp point, I believe. There aren't many quests, but the few that exist are not fun to follow.

    I spent my time looking for bosses and monsters that dropped rare loot. However, the boss monsters always hit 10x harder than normal monsters, and dodging their attacks was impossible due to the lag

    Honestly, I didn't even get to the pvp point. The pvp is probably the best part of the game... but I only made it to level 12. I couldn't get past the 600ms server lag while my network latency was 60ms. I assume there would've been lag during pvp if I had made it to that point.

    It just never quit lagging.




  • AlumicardAlumicard Member UncommonPosts: 388

    Big selling point is the robot vs dino PvP. Works both in open world and in a about 40vs40 "fight for the middle" arena. There is also a duel arena for some 1v1 fights but that is w/o "war mounts". Also a 10v10 and 25v25 Battlefield which I didnt try yet.

    You can craft the robot/dino for open world and in the Battlefield instance you buy them for points. You have to buy them on every spawn which isnt much of a problem unless you buy the most expensive one all the time. The smallest ones are free if you really ran out of points.

    As for the crafted ones you have to buy the unlocks for them with valor(pvp currency) or find them in the game. Wasnt lucky enough to get one yet but a guildmate got some somehow, sorry dont know much about those yet. There are however about 7-8 different base types which can be upgraded. And iirc... yes, you can craft a flying fighting mount and bomb other players^.

    First time I encountered open world pvp I was 23ish and was questing. I guess the other faction had to do a part of the quest on our territory. Wasn't that bad and some of us teamed up against the others. Was a nice diversion from questing.


    Another thing I guess is the questing. Basicly they took fed-ex quests  to the next level by adding auto move+collect, you still have to kill those 8 something yourself."Annoying" on low lvl but once you can kill 3+ at the same time it is easy and the fun factor goes up imho. Might sound bad to some but you should try it first. I mean if you have generic quests in your game then the least you can do is make the route there bearable. Besides you are still faster if you drive yourself because it doesnt take the optimal route and doesnt really care much if there are enemys in the way or not. Driving through ranged aggro camps (plural) on the way to a quest hurts a lot. Especially fun when you end up at the feet of a boss with adds


    Then there are events/adventures you can join if you dont want to quest. F.e. one is fighting against waves and see how far you can go another is a race and the winners (or first 3 or something, didnt win yet) gets an invite to the weekly race which has some nice prizes. There are others like bomb the enemy town and kill their guards or fighting a shadow. Some can be done all day long while others are only at specific times. Down side is that you only have a small number of entrances/tickets for those events. 1-2 a day each depending on the event,f.e. stage fight has 2 but the race only 1. Battlefield and Arena can be done as often as you like.


    Skills.. well you have all of them and then choose some of them, a bit like Diablo3 but with more classes. No respec or anything required.

    It is kind of directional combat. First of all it is tab target but if you dont have a target and shoot a skill in a direction it will hit something if it stands in the way and use it as target for auto attacks. Also some attacks are aoe so if a beastmaster does his whirlwind thing he hits everyone even if not targeted.


    Oh, dungeons.There are 8 or so of those. They start with easy version from lvl 15 on. The harder versions are opened up as you level( f.e. the lvl 15 dungeon is lvl 36 on hard). I only did two of them so far but they were kind of fun. It is easy to get to the bosses but they can hurt pretty bad. First dungeon(lvl15) was too easy because I did it when I was 20 but the lvl 30 with me being lv31 was fun. It consists of 3 low bosses and one big one. 2 of the smaller ones were easy but the other called for waves of adds, morphed us into rabbits I think and did some really nasty things. Stun, throw back, pbae and frontal ae... not nice. We died a lot to that one. The big one was more or less straight forward, tank tanks, dps deals dmg and when it goes in rage mode kill the elemental orbs, which it said on the screen, but tough as well if you dont know what to do while it is in rage mode. Until we figured out a strategy it was hard and we took some wipes. I hope the higher level and other dungeons are fun aswell.

    Thats more or less it I guess.

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