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Looking for new friends to play Mabinogi with~ (Tarlach Server)

Narnia124Narnia124 Member CommonPosts: 11
Looking for about 2-3 people to play Mabi with me and a friend :) All genders, and backgrounds allowed xD As long as you have a kind heart~. We'll mostly be doing commerce travel, and I need guards as I'm going 100% merchant/non-combat~. We'll do some dungeons and quests too of course~. Also with a goal of a big guild, and a very close family-like community with the people I play with~


  • DraronDraron Member Posts: 993
    If only you play on Mari :( Someone new started after reading a Mabi thread on this site a few weeks ago, we've already helped her run G1-3 and getting her a wagon for commerce.
  • ButterNuttsButterNutts Member UncommonPosts: 1
    I play on tarlach alot and commerce . Add Friednooblet when you get a chance
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