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Returning to DAoC, in need of a community.

MegilindirMegilindir Member UncommonPosts: 223

Hello good folks.After long hours of game searching and not finding any useful or fun game i've decided to return back.

Can you guys please tell me which community/guild is best for between 00:00 CET- 04:00 CET (Possibly Albion/Hibernia), and if you out there can you tell me your name/ guild for me to find you?

See you in game = )



  • GhavalGhaval Member UncommonPosts: 49
    I Hate People on mid is active that time. 

  • SolicfireSolicfire Member UncommonPosts: 484

     Hi Megilindir,

    Welcome back to the game! 

    I suggest joining these guilds which are most active at US prime time 

    Jerrys Kids on Midgard or Chillz town on Hibernia.



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