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PVE Improvements since 2009?



  • Agent_JosephAgent_Joseph Member UncommonPosts: 1,361
    Originally posted by Ianb4all

    With no PVE updates or no mention of it......see ya EVE ...Hello Star Citizen!!!!!


    what ?

    you drop an sandbox MMORPG game  for  an single play + MP(75 players max on one server) space ships shooter game

  • CalfisCalfis Member UncommonPosts: 381
    Originally posted by Ianb4all
    Originally posted by Salenger

    I used to play EVE, but even though it was one of the  most interesting mmos I have ever played it failed to keep me interested beyond 5-6 months, main reason for that was  the repetitive and very boring PVE aspects of the game...I loved the economy, crafting sandbox aspects...but a gamer does like some good old pve that doesnt bore one to death every now and then.

    Just wondering if in the last 4-5 years if CCP has patched in any meaningful PVE to the game, and if there are any links to these improvements it would be appreciated, thanks in advance.

    Ok after looking at the improvements/nerfs they have done for the upcoming summer patch- it looks like high sec pve players got hit hard with the nerf bat-

    Lots and lots of low/null sec improvements with added bonuses to industry an stuff to try and get more people into low/null sec..

    I fear however that all CCP have achieved is to finally kill off high sec industry players and such..........they are going to take a huge hit in subscriptions with their short sightedness and with them listening to the CFC alliance and such....all those people will move over to Star Citizen..

    You may say that theres more subscription players then the high sec carebears/industrials but in null sec those players have had access to some very rich pickings for many years now and quite alot of them have enough ISK to buy plexes  and keep them going for a few good years.

    So that leaves the high sec industry.mission runners who do pay a sub..after the massive nerfs to industry refining in high sec will have dire consequences for them.

    All I can say is thank god for Star much as I like eve (yes lived in nullsec/lowsec and high sec) I dont think it has much of a bright future left......they caved to the CFC alliance which none can really challenge now.......this is called a stalemate in chess!

    With no PVE updates or no mention of it......see ya EVE ...Hello Star Citizen!!!!!


    I heard X2 and X3 are great games, why wait for Star Citizen when you can have the PVE experience you are looking for now.


  • KomandorKomandor Member Posts: 272
    Originally posted by dreamscaper

    This game has the best PVE to be found.


    Unless, of course, you consider PVE to be missions and dungeon-type encounters, in which case that an issue with you, not the game.


    Agreed, I love PVE in EVE.

    Keep on rockin'!image

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