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It isn't allowing me to edit my posts...

GmrLeonGmrLeon Member Posts: 118

Each time I try to edit my posts it just goes to the screen with the topic I was reading.

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  • DeltaMazeDeltaMaze Member Posts: 198

    Yeah I got the same problem, oh well i'm sure they are working on it.


  • KormacKormac Member Posts: 297

    Yesterday I had the problem you describe.

    Now I tried to edit the post I didn't get to edit yesterday.

    It tells me I can only edit posts that I wrote, but it was clearly written by me. So the failure is different today, and perhaps only a consequence of something that failed yesterday, but I still can't edit.

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  • ParaTrooperParaTrooper Member Posts: 1,961

    The issue is currently being looked into. I actually have the problem myself image

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  • Rikimaru_XRikimaru_X Member UncommonPosts: 11,718

    Originally posted by ParaTrooper

    The issue is currently being looked into. I actually have the problem myself image

    Same here.

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