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My experience with Guild Wars (long)

unholy414unholy414 Member Posts: 37

If you're looking into this game, read this post:

Character creation and chosing your profession is straight forward. Lots of skills and abilities to chose from as you progress in the game. If you don't like something you chose, chances are you can change it to something else with little to no risk.

You've just created your character and are now in the game. WOW, it looks so damm beautiful! So rich looking, the graphics are awesome....but as you start to play, you start to figure the game out....

The game is ALL instanced. I'm serious, even the town are instanced. There are copies of the towns!! Lets say you walk into a town. You'll be randomly dropped into one of the 5 or so copies of that town, these copies are called "districts". So lets say if you want to meet someone, they'll say something like, "I'm in district 3". Ok, so lets say you're in district get to district 3, all you have to do is....are you ready? ALL you have to click on the little drop down menu in the upper left hand corner of the screen and select the district your buddy is in. You'll then be loaded into that copy (or district) of the town you're in.

Maybe you're saying, "eh, k, so the towns have copies and are basically instances themselves, nothing game breaking...right?". Sonny Jim, that's the beginning.

The towns are instances, their own zone and are coppied...but what about when you want to leave the town? Here it zone out of the town, hit the loading screen and are outside now. Great graphics, your character moves so fluidly and everything just looks fantastic. Crisp, clean and very cool looking....but where is everyone? Where's the noob dieing to the mobs to your left or maybe the person healing up after a close encounter??? You'll notice that you're all by yourself, guess what? Yep, you're in an instance. The very area right passed that loading screen as you zoned out of the town where you're currently standing right now is an instance. You are in an instanced zone....I just want to make that clear. All zones branching off of it and beyond. Your own zone, yeah, all yours but that's all. No one else can come in. Everyone else has their own zone. Now, you CAN play with other players in this zone you have all to yourself, and how, you may ask? Well, you gotta be grouped to do it. That's all. Find a group and you all can slaughter mobs and gain exp together. Just go to a town, go through the districts trying to find a group and you'll get one sooner or later.....which brings me to my next paragraph. Soloing in Guild Wars.

Soloing, ok, check this out. Say you can't find anyone to group with. You went through the districts of your town, but damn, no invites. This is where "henchmen" come into play. Usually by the entrance of a town are NPC characters. They can be healers fighters or mages. There's others that fall into sub categories, like the brawler, but I'll just stick to the basics. There's like 8 different henchmen classes, you can have a certain number invited depending on how far into the game you are, one of each and cost nothing to hire. So now you have a group of NPCs, good times...right? Hell no, there's no interface to control these guys. You click on an enemy and they go, casters will do their thing, melee with do theirs. They rarely use their abilities so you'll mostly see the melee guys using regular swings and the casters using their gimp ranged weapons. The healer? Eh, don't depend on her too much, she's there when you don't need her and gone when you do need her. Kind of like the wife! LOL!! Nah, I kid. More like the cops. Simply, the healer henchman is horrible. If you die chances are it's her fault. You or one of your horrible henchmen can be on the brink of death....and there she is, using her ranged weapon like a complete dumb ass.

We're still on the soloing subject but I felt this part deserved it's own paragraph. All the mobs, and when I say all, I mean ALL the mobs roam in packs. For the less inclined, basically mobs never walk alone. Usually in groups of 4, give or take and with spamming healers also. Sometimes groups will be with groups and the only way to get to your destination is through them. Can you single pull, maybe break them up? Hell no, they all walk together in a set path. When they're interupted during their little group stroll, chilling, after your failed attempt to solo pull one they'll regroup after they're finished chasing you. Found one that some how strayed from the pack? Chances are if you try to gank him, his friends from way over yonder will come running for you. Avoid the mobs? Please, agro radius is so big and the "zones" are so cramped, it's rarely 90% of the time not an option. Chances are while you are fighting a group you can't squeeze passed, the other group you tried to avoid is roaming right on over to you. How convenient. The "zones" are also usually very linear, straight paths. Barely any freedom to roam.

Later on as you level, the inadequacy of your henchmen (they're stupid basically) will start to shine through and....yes, you guessed it. Looking for a group in a high population town, searching district to district for a group for measly exp or trying to advance in the game.

Oh, and when you pull, the mobs will most likely come for YOU, not your henchmen. So think fast to mitigate the agro off of you on onto your "group".

No worries, when you die your henchmen fight on until the last breath. If successfull and a rezer is still standing, all is well. If not, well, back to respawn point of your instance. To clarify, zones/instances all have a respawn shrine thing so you won't be kicked out, mobs respawned, ahh, wtf. You'll have a penalty for dieing. You don't lose exp ar anything, henchmen respawn with you, basically you have infinite lives. But the penalty? Your health and mana are lowered by 15%. To make this number go down you have to gain exp. Penalty increases 15% per death. Died too many times and now you're at 60% penalty (the cap)? Either you work some miracles or you now have to go back to the town, where it will all be immediately removed....but you're good ol' zone/instance you were fighitng in...yep, all respawned. Chances are you were in deep to find enemies to overwhelm you on your way to your objective and the death penalty takes a heafty amount of time to work off and that encounter you're on your way back to will be that much harder, that is if you haven't gone back to town already. The penalty not only affects you, but your henchmen also. So if you have 500hp and 60mana and have 60% penalty, you're hp is now 200 and your mana is 24. Remember, your henchmen are also affected by the penalty if they die also.

About the NPCs....say for "instance" (LOL, I made a funny!!) you got a quest done, cool. Now that NPC wants you to go back into the area (respawned now), but go further to "investigate". K, you've investigated, zone out, back to NPC for next reward....but what's this? BACK IN AGAIN!?!? This time to defeat the boss!! Yeah, you'll see alot of repeats and the devs trying to squeeze the last drop out of the game's content. Pretty much everything you do will be a task from an NPC, they're easy to find. In all towns/outposts, some NPCs will have a exclamation mark above their head singifying they have a quest or something to tell you, easy stuff.

The ONLY time you will see other players is in the towns or if they're in your group as you do missions/instances/go out of town/anywhere besides town. Now lets say you're in a group, awesome. Except for the fact that if ONE person goes into town or "zones out", you'll ALL be warped there, respawned zone and all. Vice versa also, one person leaves town while grouped, you're all taken zoned out there with him. Nothing bad, just annoying. It's sad to see experienced players pull this stunt.

That's basically the PvE side of guildwars on your way to lv20 (the lvl cap). Lv20 ain't hard, hell, I got to level ten on my second day of playing, 20 took about a week and a half overall. Wanna make an alt? ::::15::

The game has a somewhat involving single player campaign that starts out right when you log in. You pretty much have to follow it to advance to the areas of the game where you can instantly teleport to in the future. Follow the story and know what Guild Wars is made up of.....or you can have a high level escort you to those areas, 99.9% of the time for a fee. These services are usually advertised in the towns.

So in conclusion. Guild Wars is NOT a MMORPG. I had a hard time wrapping my mind around that one before I played, but after playing for a few months, that statement has never rang so clear. Have you ever played Dungeon Siege? Never Winter? Ice Wind Dale? Diablo? Morrowind? Guild Wars is basically that, just done in a very mediocre way. Atleast you can find players in the towns in Guild Wars.

One word I can use to describe Guild Wars is.....fake. Everything has a staged, prepared feeling to it. The graphics, firm gameplay setup and the story campaign are really the only things going for it. Just don't expect to see much of a community....unless if you like hanging out in towns. The game is just too damn heavy on the instancing, extremely heavy. Every single damn place is an instance, ALL of it. The town, outside of the town, all of it, 100% instances. Guild Wars may as well be named, "Instance Wars". The expansion pack should be called, "Guild Wars: Next Set of Instances, Fresh Out of the Instance Oven". It's like suedo single player - mmorpg, which is why it has been dubbed a COORPG (co-operative online role playing game). This game is not worth $50, more like $30, 40$ at the most......$35 seems just right. I believe people like Guild Wars because it's easy and simple to get into and just play.

I'd touch a bit on PvP, but it's almost 2am and I'm damn tired.


  • exanimoexanimo Member UncommonPosts: 1,301

    well , sorry about that. not everyone can enjoy the game. its true the best of the game comes after a while , expecialy becose comunity in low level zones can be hard to deal with.this game is new in gameplay. its not like like anyother mmorpg. being instaced and all. totaly team based. without humans you end up with henchs , and those arent fun to play with . for me at least i need minimum 1 human.

    i will just say that in haloween event there was about 200 districs of a town called "  lians arch " .i dont know what is the max population for each distric . but each one was really full of people in a major party.

  • sedatedsedated Member Posts: 23

    nice try unholy..

    "It's definitely better to be lazy than being tired of doing all the chores!"

  • ok i'm totally mad at this forum, i was typing, had about 2 pages of counter arguments & when pressing post message it was all gone, don't know why it didn't post :p

    i'm too tired to rephrase them all
    but i'm going to summarise them here

    - all instanced, well duh did they ever said it would be otherwise?
    i don't have a problem with instances, its even better now than it was at first, now i don't hear that german all the time nor that spanish, i'm happy they split the euro servers into language districts.
    - henchman are worthless? nah, i had tons of fun with henchies, try to use them propperly & you will not have a problem with them, even though you cant controll their movement they are still quiet usefull, if you keep dying with them its cus you cant use them propperly.
    - not an MMORPG, i'm surprised you use the term mmorpg in your post even when you "try" to mention the real term at the end of your post,  its a CORPG  "competitive online RPG" which basicly points out the 1 big part of the game you forgot to crack down  PVP
    this game is like half pve  half pvp of even more leaning to pvp than pve, but still you judge this as a bad pve game.
    - did you join a guild? no not a guild advertising in ascalon city, cus thats no guild but a group of noobs thrown on a pile. i mean a guild, that actually does guild versus guild battles & such... the real fun lies with playing with other players not with soloing that pve areas! (howerver some might find pve fun too i won't have problems with that but if you don't like pve, guildwars is not nesessarily a bad game since you only played 30? 40% of it
    - you don't want to pay 50$ for guild wars?  if you did you payed to mutch, i preordered & payed 33 euro's  which is basicly between 39 & 40 $ ... even though i got it cheap, i'd still pay for it even if it would cost 60$   (i 'd bet on this with you, try finding a game with similar features & cheaper than guildwars!)
    - ah some other points i forgot, if i happen to remember them in the near feature i'll edit this post but i guess i made my point, i find guild wars great & all those negative points you mention are based on half the game, so i don't think you should try to convince anyone gw is bad before you tested it all.
    if you don't want to test it al, be my guest, but just go out quietly instead of creating a fuz trying to throw dirt at guildwars if you don't know half of it.

  • darquenbladedarquenblade Member Posts: 1,015

    Originally posted by Saelfaer

    ok i'm totally mad at this forum, i was typing, had about 2 pages of counter arguments & when pressing post message it was all gone, don't know why it didn't post :p


    Just thought I'd suggest that when posting a message that you know is going to be really long, type it up in Word or something like that first, that way if the forum eats your post (which it does to me frequently as well), you can just copy and paste it to try again.
  • FonzyBearFonzyBear Member Posts: 49

    To be perfectly honest here it sounds like you prefer the mindless hack n slash killing nearly all the other MMOs have to offer.

    GW on the otherhand with its instanced design and party system and mob placement, movement, and grouped design makes for a challenging MMORPG. Even though the masses aren't all in the same area able to pass by everyone else like the other MMOs. I really think that the instanced design and party system and mob placement, movement, and grouped design makes GW a better MMO than the others because of the unique style and challenge it offers. Plus GW actually has a storyline (even if its not the best RPG game story ever to exist) where as all the other games its a complation of a bunch of unrelated mini ideas in quests that tend to all be go kill x thing x times. To a certain extent doing that is fun but seems lacking in entertainment after a short time. GW on the other hand as you level and progress through the quests and missions actually gives me the feel of acomplishment and feeling apart of a story much like traditional platform RPGs such as final fantasy VII (which would have been even better had they take more time and used graphics like FF VIII and IX had).

    Oh and the henchmen are not as bad as you and others would lead us to believe. i have completed the game with all 6 of my characters using the henchmen and even sololing (me with no henchmen or others) in some parts of the game. Basically those of you coming from playing all the mindless hack n slash MMOs where nearly everything can be done without grouping (except for bigger xp gain benefit) will likely have to get used to a different kind of game play. I really think after playing other MMOs like WoW, Silkroad, and a number of others the beginning area of GW does a good job of introducing you to the game. You get a feel for how the basics work without being overwhelmed. Then as you move from there onwards you get introduced to grouping with others or henchmen if you so choose in smaller groups and progress and level up and get larger groups and more challenging areas of the game as you go.

  • unholy414unholy414 Member Posts: 37

    ....and Guild Wars isn't a "mindless hack and slash"? what category does it fall under?

  • AydrianAydrian Member Posts: 52

    I typed this in another thread but it applies here.

    And yes, player skill matters a lot more than hours played in this game. In WoW, if you're even two levels above your opponent you can usually own them without a problem. But in this game, stategy and real skills matter the most.

    Reasons I Liked This Game
    -No Ksing
    -I haven't met many immature people. So I don't know what they're crying about.
    -It's something new. MMOG's like WoW are the same candy in a different wrapper.
    -The founders are employees who have done great things for gaming in their lives. They're not idiots.
    -I can walk outside and not see a dozen different people killing the exact same monster I am. People fail to remember that can bring more boredom than immersion. Because I fail to see the fun at watching someone with the same weapon kill the same monster at the same speed I am. So I don't see why so many people whine and cry about instancing.
    -I have played a lot of PvP, and have rarely been called a n00b, or a faggot, or anything like that. I won't get ganked by some 1337 speaking 12 year old who thinks he's the hottest thing to come along since the invention of videogames. Want to see the pinnacle of human stupidity, go to a WoW forum. Trust me, if someone put 90% of WoW's fanbase into a room then nuked it, the world would probably be better for it.
    -I have met a lot of cool people in this game. Almost everyone I've partied with is on my friends list.
    -Streaming updates! Dear God the streaming updates are so fast and simple.
    -VERY quick install speed. I got it installed in less then a minute and updated completely in less than two. WoW takes me a good 10-15 minutes to completely install. Kinda sad.
    -No monthly fee! A game that looks and plays this good without robbing me of my hard earned money! They even gave the players an expansion size update for free and gave the players the music for that update for free! What are you paying for in WoW? To be called a "gay fag" and for Paladins to get destroyed while they make Shamans more and more powerful?
    -Best PvP ever. Period. 'nuff said.

    Now let me explain a few things that bug me. People say that a lot of kids that can't afford MMOG's moved into this game because there is no fee. Well, I don't know what fantasy word they're living in but they're mostly full of crap. That's an excuse. I know very damn well that most parents are willing to cough up a measly $15 a month for their kids. Now, I know not all families have money, but look at how many people are members of WoW. And 90% of them are definitely 16 and younger. Does that LOOK like a small percentage to you?

    I'm 20 years old and can afford monthly fees, so can others younger and older than me. Most of the time anyway. Nonetheless, I'm one of the people who believe monthly fees are bs. A lot of people think that too. So before the crybabies say "Only kids play GW because they don't have to pay a fee" they really need to stare down the business end of a shotgun and pull the trigger because that excuse is getting a bit old.

    And I'm not going to list the bad traits. I'll tell you why. All of the GW haters take some of the smallest things and blow them out of proportion.

    You can't jump!
    You can't jump in 99% of the MMOG's today. What's your damn point you pathetic WoW fanboy?

    The areas are instanced!
    Yeah, it's called change. Get used to it, because many newer MMOG's will be taking stuff from this game.

    Characters don't move right!
    Yeah, the same thing can be said about WoW, Final Fantasy 11, SilkRoad, Star Wars Galaxies etc. Even in the new Dungeons and Dragons Online. So what exactly are you expecting to see here? Come back to me when you have an intelligent response.

    There isn't any mounts!
    Wow, that's a great loss isn't it? If you find some amusement sitting on a horses back that can't do anything more then get you from point "a to b" then go play WoW. Most of the mounts in that game are utterly useless. And in an instanced game like this, mounts would be meaningless. Think, will you?

    You can't swim!
    Why would I want to? Oh goody, there's a pretty little pond over there, I'm going to go waste my time by swimming in it, thus providing a distraction that makes the game longer and more boring, and if the game has a fee, then it's just a way to make you waste time to pay more money. This might come as a shock to some of you naive children, but those little distractions ADD UP, that's why they were put there. They aren't there for your amusement, they're there to distract you.

    You can't get the mega 1337 sword of ultimate ungodly doom and own all with it!
    Yeah, that means the players themselves have to have the gaming aptitude of a monkey. What a shame. It must be so hard to actually have to strategize. If you don't know what strategize means, look it up. Because I doubt most GW haters know what that is.

    I think that's it. I wrote this up on the fly and while being tired as hell. The point of this all is that very tiny problems are overblown and stacked upon each other by the GW haters. I've never seen so many crybabies in my entire life whine about the smallest things like the GW haters have for this game. It's saddening to see what these so called "gamers" are reducing themselves to. Oh well, to each his/her own.

  • ramadinramadin Member Posts: 1,304

    "You can't jump!
    You can't jump in 99% of the MMOG's today. What's your damn point you pathetic WoW fanboy?"


    Um, sorry but your wrong, and about 99% wrong, obviously you havent even played any of them.


  • clragonclragon Member Posts: 18

    Originally posted by ramadin
    "You can't jump!You can't jump in 99% of the MMOG's today. What's your damn point you pathetic WoW fanboy?"

    Um, sorry but your wrong, and about 99% wrong, obviously you havent even played any of them.

    You will realize when you play the game that even if you CAN jump, it would be meaningless. ANet put in invisible boundaries and cliffs for strategic advantages (if you played any GvG you would know). putting in Jumping would only lead to more "WTF I cant jump off the cliff!" and have no purpose for a game that is mainly focused on PvP.

    Henchmen are worthless? LOL remember back at the release of GW last year, one person took a full team of henchies into tombs (that was before they forced the rule of 4 players min to inter tombs) and won around 10 consecutive wins at the HoH. that was 1 human+7 AI vs 8 human. and he won 10 times at the last round.

    your whole experience was envolved around PvE... which is the weaker part of the game. Wana highlight some pvp experience of yours?

    So far PvP is what keeps me in the game, as well as most players in GW. the game DOES take skill, if any of you are familiar with IWAY build you would know that it is awsome but can be beaten by a few necros. due to that reason it was never heavily used in GvG (and also considered a noob build because anyone can run it) then EW came along and showed everyone how to run IWAY properly, they didn't change the build that much but the cooperation between the players and their skills were so great that it got them in the top 30s in no time.

    Your guild also means a lot in the game. Actualy, they ARE the game. if you have a crappy guild that is ranked 10000, then you wont have that much fun and will not experience high end GvG in the near future which is the best part of the game.

    "So in conclusion. Guild Wars is NOT a MMORPG. "
    haha I wonder how long it is gona take for people to get over this idea. I bought GW because I participated in the beta events and loved the complex PvP that I never saw in any previous games I played like WoW or EQ. GW was special. It was the first game made FOR PvP from the start. and it fits my taste. ask everyone in the guilds of the top 50 guilds, (not right now, the ladder just reset lol) and you will find that none of them cares if GW was a MMORPG. because they play the game for PvP, not PvE. I guess most people doesn't research about the game enough before buying it. thats why we have so many PvE lovers roaming around yelling "WTF THIS ISN'T AN RPG!" go to GW's official site and click on FAQ and you'll realize that CORPG stands for Competition Online Role Playing Game. COMPETITION, not MASSSIVE. they've been saying this since the first beta (which was more than a year ago) and people still doesn't understand this idea.

    What the OG posted shouldn't be considered as a review at all since it never even touched on the PvP aspect of the game. which IS the game.

  • FonzyBearFonzyBear Member Posts: 49

    Originally posted by unholy414
    ....and Guild Wars isn't a "mindless hack and slash"? what category does it fall under?

    Well seeing as taking on mobs in GW requires planning/strategy and a certain level of skill to complete the quests and missions. And as the game progresses the get harder which requires more planning/strategy and skill to succeed is what makes it not a mindless hack n slash. As I said I have played many of the other MMOs and in all of them I can go up to mob x hack at it and endlessly heal myself until the mob is dead basically requiring no thought other than when to hit the button to heal and repeat over and over for x mobs and then go get your reward for killing those x things.

    Accoding to anets definition GW is a CORPG a sub class of MMORPG since its inteneded that all missions and quests be played as a group of people strategizing and skilled enough to take on the tasks. And as i also stated in my post you replied to it is more like a traditional platform rpg but the party of characters is made up of a group of people unless you decide to use the henchmen as you progress through an actual story line rather than a bunch of unrelated quests with mini ideas. I think someone made a good example else where of the kind of mini idea these quests are like in most MMOs out there: Oh I am so glad you came the villagers can't go into the forest because of all the bandits could you please go kill x bandits for us. Then you kill x bandits go back and they thank you for killing them. But then there is no impact in the game the bandits are still there the only thing is you got the xp reward or whatever they give you for doing the quest. You go on wandering and doing other things unrelated with no story to follow. In fact the only story there seems to be at all for all the other MMOs I have played is in a background story on a website.

  • AydrianAydrian Member Posts: 52

    Originally posted by ramadin
    "You can't jump!You can't jump in 99% of the MMOG's today. What's your damn point you pathetic WoW fanboy?"

    Um, sorry but your wrong, and about 99% wrong, obviously you havent even played any of them.

    Name ALL the MMO's that have used jumping. The other poster was correct though, this game is all about strategy and skill, jumping would give no strategically advantage whatsoever, and in most other games (like WoW) jumping is pretty useless. Jumping ONTO things is useless, because you can barely jump high enough to get over a fence. Jumping off of things help but even the smallest of drops can take away valuable hp. So what exactly does jumping do for you in terms of gameplay?

  • upto now, from the 10 mmorpgs i played (beta & payed) there were 2, wher you could jump

    i played the wow beta (dropped out after 3 days cus it was not my type of game)
    & in fly for fun  some asian free mmorpg

    those to allow you to jump (the second one allows you to fly also, with broom & board ...)
    but we are roaming off the path :)
    lets just say that 2 out of ten  comes close to the 99%
    i know its only 80% but its a figure of speech ... there are just many more where you cant jump.

    okay if you start counting the massive shooters like huxley, planetside & such then you might come closer but still there are way mutch more mmorpgs than there are mmofps's so ...

  • tigris67tigris67 Member UncommonPosts: 1,762

    Everquest 1 Jumpinh,
    Everquest 2 Jumping,
    Dark Age of Camelot -Jumping,
    Flyff Jumping,
    World of Warcraft, Jumping
    Free world, jumping,
    uhh, that wierd game Planeshift - jumping..
    Conqour online - jumping

    there are alot more, thats all the ones that i can remember that I have played that had it. Just saying whoever said that was wrong.

    Hi! My name is paper. Nerf scissors, rock is fine.
    MMORPG = Mostly Men Online Roleplaying Girls

  • unholy414unholy414 Member Posts: 37

    Guild Wars is just as much of a "mindless hack N' slash" as any other MMO game you try to separate it from.::::01::

    But guess what? ::::35:: The linear PvE makes little Timmy sad. ::::21:: Although the PvP is fun::::34:: The PvE is not ::::07::

    I don't see any reason to comment on PvP, it's fine the way it is.

  • exanimoexanimo Member UncommonPosts: 1,301

    here goes something that i have posted in another forum it fits here perfectly , but before about righting long posts and then losing them , it hapand to me a lot , then i start to always select all and copy before sending just in case ;)

    my friend send me a free 10 day acount for wow , ive been fighting wow fans for 8 months , so i said yes , lets give it a try ..after having to ask my friend for a credit card number , its free but need the card anyway ( skamers ) i install the game ... so i start running , waw nice purple trees .. grafics looks nice on my grafics card .. nice going nvidia :) ... and then my friend is on msn , and i start asking , where is all the people ? and he sais , just keep exploring , do the noobs quests first . i only see npcs , and i was in a full server , ok , i keep going , waw this is really a big map , after a while im swiming , jesus huge ocean , then i start dieing .. after i while i learnd to rez my self , but the sharks keep killing me , for about 15 or 20 min , i died 20+ times in the water . uff im in land , i see a ranger level 45 running i say , hello , hey you there , he keeps running and desapears. comes a tiger and kills me about 5 times . yes i was only level 1 in high level zones , it was so big that i just wanted to see more and more so i keep going , i found a town with some players , finaly .. i cant chat with anyone , they are talking about some guy who was level 55 and did something bad i had no clue what it was, but they dont reply to me ... i logoff

    all this to say , anet was genius to make guildwars as it is , we are forced to make teams. something that can be really hard in other mmorpg , even chating !!!! in guildwars is almost instantanius , i know that if i logon guildwars now , i can be chating after 1 min of being there. if not in all other areas , in comp arenas , random instant formation , and im saying witch skills i have to a human , and they will say something , even if its : " you are a noob " , at least i had a personal human relation. i have never give such value to this before playing wow. yes guildwars is my first mmo, that i play for so long , tryed some demos but nothing so deep.

  • there is only 1  MMO community that is better than the guildwars community (in my oppinion)
    that is the EVE -online comunity
    i just love the way they treat new players & such
    i played for so long just because i was happy with the comuinty
    have a question? just open corp chat, or help chat  people are talking there constantly
    you can just ask & get help from 5 people at the same time, everyone wants to hep out ...
    its so fun

    well guildwars is fun too, i have a lot of friends in my friendslist & all of them i met inside guildwars, only 2 real life friends who joined gw too.  so everyone saying this is a non-social game & such
    start playing & see for yourself!

  • haxxjoohaxxjoo Member Posts: 924

    Jumping is not a factor in a mmo that is turn based and not click based action.  I don't doubt they could add a jump feature, but it would serve no advantage/disadvantage in combat so what would be the point?

    As for the NPC's they do indeed suck.  Everything takes 3 times as long with them.  No doubt about that fact.  Although a group with a few npc's is not going to have as big a problem as 1 player and 7 npcs. 

    If you wish to solo content in a mmo you are really playing the wrong genre of game.  I solo in guild wars only to like get my lvl 7 to the Granite Citadel to buy the good armor before starting the quests.

    The beef on zoning in a group is WAY overblown.  That may be true but the load time over dsl for each map takes maybe 30 seconds tops.  Only a leader can start a "mission" and there is a running 10 second timer to quit/say something if you require more time.  This is not something game breaking and with every game online someone will always do something when you are not quiet ready that is annoying.

    The "fake" part of your review is nonsensical.  I dont even understand what that means.  I enjoyed the missions alot. They are fun engaging and tell a good story.  Unlike other mmo's who dont even bother adding story content in the game (Cough SoE Cough).  The arena and gvg is where this game is tops.  Its high end pvp is extrodinary.  The specialized skills and exciting combat are where its at.  If only other mmos could actually make there combat as compelling they might have more users at there insanely overpriced monthly fees on top of the games base cost.

  • chaintmchaintm Member UncommonPosts: 953

    Since I stopped playing guild wars I never looked at these forums, but since I came back to do so, I have now looked, I agree 100% with the original poster. GW is fun, for a single player game. The pvp is descent but nothing that hooks you for awhile (just no depth) and as far as others and their thoughts here.

    First Eve? easy? rofl ok, sure and apples grow out of bushes. Time Payed = Skills in that game, there is no game, the game is the longer you play, the more skills you get , basicly $$$ = skills. You as a player can't effect it period, well ok except for the implant, but oh wait, yeah you need to ebay for some credits so you can actually offord one as a new player. :P give it a rest lady.

    Second Fanbots unite, lol you guys are a hoot, this game dosn't force anything, it forces you to use NPC with AI that is as smart as , well... you.. there is nothing in Guild Wars that forces you to do grouping. It's a choice not u have too. The problem (as the original poster noted) is you go into these towns, most are afk and it's rare you will see anyone lfm except if you are .... Monk,Nuker and maybe a tank once and awhile. Mezzer, Ranger, etc... forget that your on your own. Don't even try to defend this fact because it happens constantly. I am not saying 100% of the time but dam near 90%. Like I said in my other post, I have 4 20's on that game, I got one up with actual groups the rest were all solo,. big suprise it was my healing monk. This guys post is on the money if someone was to ask me. There is no lies or decete going on. GW is a single player game when you look at it, everything is instanced, your lucky if you really will ever get a group and when people do talk , it's like talking to a bunch of "PWND! SMACK" talk, there is no community here, well ok except the korean team who pwns all teams out there. lol let's not even talk about that, that just pisses off anyone with a guild that thinks they compete in any real combat in this game.

    This game is like dungeon seige and the rest, there is nothing here that kept me wanting to play after a few months and we post our thoughts here because new guys come in and check it out. No were do I say don't buy it, but if you do just go in with the mindset that your not playing an online game, your playing dungeon seige.


    "The monster created isn't by the company that makes the game, it's by the fans that make it something it never was"

  • clragonclragon Member Posts: 18

    [quote]Originally posted by chaintm
    [b]Since I stopped playing guild wars I never looked at these forums, but since I came back to do so, I have now looked, I agree 100% with the original poster. GW is fun, for a single player game. The pvp is descent but nothing that hooks you for awhile (just no depth) and as far as others and their thoughts here.

    so tell me, what was the highest rank you guild ever got to?

    judging from your comment of "no depth" for PvP in GW, I can guess not very high.

    if you actually played from Beta till now like me, then you can see how the players' strategies envolved to adapt better ones, if you can't see the depth, it's not the game's fault. it's because you are not willing to dig deeper.

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