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Problem with key

TrippLeSvKTrippLeSvK Member Posts: 1

Hi there. I have a problem, with IP adress. I don't get any Beta key (ESO), and it says:

    "The maximum number of keys (2) have already been assigned to your IP Address ("

Please help. :(                    Sorry for bad english.                                            





  • BarthezzczBarthezzcz Member UncommonPosts: 3

    and i got

    <div acctcreate"="">

    You can't use the supplied serial code.

    The supplied serial code is valid, but it can not be used to create a new account and it can not be applied to any accounts you already have.


  • GruntyGrunty Member EpicPosts: 8,657
    The Beta for Elder Scrolls Online ended a month ago. No beta key will work.
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