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Calling all gamers

Our clan is on all games, we play different games together like cod, minecraft,fifa 14 and others so join up here at our new website 


  • WoodistWoodist Member Posts: 19
    i wanna join to your clan. what are the games you're playing aside on the three games you stated? Right now i'm playing rohan and Ro2. Thanks in advance.
  • SalonixSalonix Member Posts: 7
    i wanna join aswell but as the guy above asks what other games you guys play ?
  • WoodistWoodist Member Posts: 19

    yeah. so that we can search on the web and to check what's the game play features, and if you guys playing Rohan please include me on your guild. Thanks in advance.

  • mmofanaticsmmofanatics Member Posts: 24

    same here.. need to see first the games you and your friends play, so that I can decide whether I will join your guild or not. =P cheers!


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