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Emerald Dream (H) Re-Roll. PvP-Focus! Get back into WoW before the xpac!

RaganaRagana Member Posts: 458
Guild Name:
Limited Edition

Emerald Dram


General Outlook:
After guild hopping for a long time, I finally decided to purchase one and in hopes of providing a friendly and relaxed environment for everyone interested. A lot of guilds I been a part of offered nothing but elitist-like attitude and it was really hard for the more casual (or even newbie) player to break into the already established atmosphere.
Most of the people in Limited Edition are adults, full-time students, have jobs, families, etc.. so we tend to play during hectic hours with equally hectic schedules. That being said, many of our members put in a TON of time, have phenomenal arena ratings, great raid gear and always strive to push their characters to that higher ilevel, rating, achievement number, etc..
Regardless of the type of player you are, we will love to have you.

What's The Focus?
We absolutely LOVE pvp. Myself, and a few other members, were part of the Vanilla WoW world-PvP golden days so we're trying to bring it back as much as we can on Emerald Dream. We chose this server specifically because of the extremely active PvP community and we would love to further solidify that aspect of that guild.
That being said, we are actively looking for experienced raiders to help our players get geared and hopefully bring us out of LFR and into flex over the next few months.

What's The Goal?
The goal is simply to provide a relaxed, family-like environment for players who want to experience WoW in a stress-free environment. We are looking to gear and get as many people read for the next expansion as we possibly can. Many of us have been gaming together for the better part of the decade and we are always looking to add new members to our family.
Don't be an !@# to your guildies, that is all.

Emerald Dream Horde Re-Roll
We PvP.. a lot
Transfer your 90's or start new toons; we have people doing both
To get invited to the guild, add:

Veni, Vidi, Vici


  • RaganaRagana Member Posts: 458
    We are absolutely looking for people to lead our RBG groups!

    Veni, Vidi, Vici

  • AnslemAnslem Member CommonPosts: 215

    Hey --

    Was writing to inquire if the PvP guild you wrote about on Emerald Dream is still active? I'm a 90 mage in almost full Prideful (2 or 3 grievous pieces) and a 90 priest in 1/2 grievous/prideful. 

    Please let me know Thx. 

    Played: Ultima Online - DaoC - WoW -

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