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Horizons performance is terrible!

2005-12-08 17:48:28.000

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  • KhoalKhoal Member Posts: 84

    HZ and ATI have never really played nice together, and the program has always been able to bring systems to a crawl.  One of the big complaints about the game.

    The settings need a lot of tweaking to get the game to run smoothly.  There's threads on the community site about that, iirc.

  • HadesprimeHadesprime Member Posts: 303

    Yes according to David Bowman however they have now overcome the technology gate that was hampering the experience for players.

    Sometimes I wonder what kind of crack this guy is smoking. Performance over the last 2 years is better and they have worked at it but still woefully under par with its competition. You even with the best machine possible cannot even play if you are hunting with 8 to 10 players without first turning spell effects off and turning things down below medium. It's even worse when you realize that the performance increases are mostly due to the fact that Chaos the most populated server can maybe manage 400 people on a good night.

    That's hardly overcoming the technology barrier Mr Bowman.

  • ZarcharienZarcharien Member Posts: 36

    True, you want find many, if any, players rushing out to defend Horizons poor performance other then to say its improved slightly since release.

  • felorefelore Member Posts: 222
    Their problem is the exact same problem that Anarchy Online had at their release.  It was horrible....the game eats your memory...stay on too long...you have to reboot after you leave cuase your system is still crawling ...dont you just hate memory leaks?  Over all I am enjoying my stay in Horizons.  Community is great.  I can play every class on one char (If i wanna commit).  And I like the crafting.  Graphics are eh!  Why dont casters have a mana pool? 
  • dgaliendgalien Member Posts: 9

    What is with the Performance in Tazoon and the player cities? especially in the dragon lair area?

    in summer 05 they said something about another engine.. are they still working on it?

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  • KlausWKlausW Member Posts: 165

    February should see the release of a significantly rewritten client. Not totally new, but significantly changed. The first phase of it is on Blight for testing.

    Yesterday morning, I hit 60fps in an area I usually ger 25-30 in. In towns I normally hit 10 or so, on Blight I was getting 15+. Heck yeah, it's overdue; trust me, nobody wants a performance increase more than the devs and the long-time players!

    BTW, there is no mana pool because mana pools suck and we hate them. ::::35::

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  • dgaliendgalien Member Posts: 9

    Uh, nice to hear that.
    Think ill test HZ, esp Tazoon, in Mar

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  • MmoSwanMmoSwan Member Posts: 134

    I played it when it came out and a few month more. It ran horrible on my ATI 9700pro. The cheapest NVidia card was able to run it a lot faster. Funny to hear it's still not fixed after they told me (when i still played) so often that it will get fixed *soon*.


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  • anarchyartanarchyart Member Posts: 5,378

    Originally posted by scaramoosh

    For a game that looks crap : I couldn't even turn the settings on medium with a:
    x800xt 256mb
    1 gig crosshair
    amd fx53
    (overclocked and watercooled)
    Can run EQ2 on maxed out but Horizons on medium :

    No you can NOT run EQ2 on maximum settings to do anything but take a screenshot in an empty zone with that setup.

    You have to play with the Horizons settings a lot to get good performance out of it. Mostly the view distance and a couple of other sliders will make a big difference. There are just so many graphics options: even you should be able to find the sweet spot.

  • scaramooshscaramoosh Member Posts: 3,424

    I can run EQ2 on max settings when soloing or in small groups :D Plus i've overclocked my system.


    I just can't run it on max when in big groups.

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  • SaranthSaranth Member UncommonPosts: 274

    What he's saying is with that setup he cant PLAY eq2 maxxed out. I agree. You need 2gb minimum RAM. That makes it PLAYABLE.

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