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Unique Extended FPS game with special concept is coming soon

Adrian909Adrian909 Member Posts: 5

Hi, i’m Adrian from Larkon Studio a game developer company.

We will soon release a really cool and innovative game called: CivCraft.

We will be glad to hear your opinion before Kickstarter project launch and Alpha release.


CivCraft is full FPS game with special features from other games genres like

·   Epic battles, city construction and world management under RTS menu

·   Generic AI that gives each NPC a unique behavior

·   Explore your Realm in Open word destructible endless terrain

·   Full leveling and skills systems for each character

·   Craft items

·   Non linear story


All the game features are simplified and easy to use, and providing fast and intuitive gaming experience.

You can find more information on our website  - CivCraft

You are more than welcome to write us suggestions or ask questions.


Do you think that FPS game with extended RTS and RPG features would be something you wanna play?

Which Features you lack of with FPS game?







  • MaelwyddMaelwydd Member Posts: 1,123
    Good luck with your project. Looks like it could be fun so will keep an eye out for new information.
  • SomeHumanSomeHuman Member UncommonPosts: 560

    I feel like maybe you should have lead with this from your site:

    • I'd like to see some gameplay video.  Do you have a Twitch or YouTube channel running?
    • The game sounds interesting, but we, gamers, are pretty skeptical of most games.  When do you plan to release?
    • What stage of development are you in now?
    • When can we demo it?  The proof of a game is in the playing.
    • What is your business model?

    Gaming since 1985; Online gaming since 1995; No End in Sight! My YouTube Channel:

  • Adrian909Adrian909 Member Posts: 5


    In a few days we will have an official trailer and after that gameplay videos, then we are going to kickstarter and after raising the money we can release playable versions.


    We are few months from Alpha. We will be glad for you all to subcsribe in our site to get updates


  • QuizzicalQuizzical Member LegendaryPosts: 24,577

    I realize that grammar isn't the most important thing on forums, but you'd better make sure that your Kickstarter page is a lot better than your posts here or else it's not going to end well.

    Good luck with your game, though.

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