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Please add additional sort criteria to the Games LIst

Hal9kHal9k Member UncommonPosts: 38

More and more, this site is including non-MMORPGs to it's master game list. I'd like to request that we add a "Type" filter so those of us interested in a specific type of game can sort in a more granular way. Now that we are including MMORTS,  MOBAs, persistent FPS Shooters and so on, it would be great to add a field for that. The label already exists, and can be seen on the front page for each game. Click on League of Legends and the first thing you see under the name is "MOBA" in blue capital letters. I think at least one, and ideally two additional sort criteria would be a huge boon to the List. With the huge size of the List, and still growing, the more sort options the better. The one I mention above is a must, but it would also be nice to see something like View (third person, first person, isometric, top-down, 2D sidescrolling, etc), and  perhaps "Platform". As it is, there is a way to filter Browser based games in or out, but I would like to see that expanded so we know if it supports Console, Mobile, Browser-only, Mac or Windows, etc. 


I have attempted to filter in such a way as to get a list of PC-only pure MMORPGs, but in it's current form I cannot do so. I'm sure as this site branches out, players will have similar but differnt search needs, sorting to display only MOBAs, for instance. Thanks!


  • TsiyaTsiya Member UncommonPosts: 280
    And this too. I would like to be able to weed out the MMORTS, MOBA, etc. from my searches.


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