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From Smedley during interview today: "SWG PLAYERS - OUR NEXT GAME (not announced yet) IS DEDICATED T



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    Originally posted by KyngBills
    Originally posted by ReaperUk
    Originally posted by widgin


    I've been searching the interweb for info as Smedley said it's out there.


    Only thing I came up with was that SOE filed a trademark on January 10, 2014 for an online game.





    Don't see how zombies / infected would make former SWG players "come home".


    I'm sure more speculation will turn up at some point.



    Well done. The only person to make an accurate prediction.

    And to those who think that the Repopulation will be the natural successor to SWG, you are in for a rude awakening. I made that mistake myself and wasted $100 by pledging towards the project only to discover once I could read the forums, It will be a very different game to SWG with PvP being the main focus and PvE players having to settle for a second rate version of the game. I no longer have any interest at all.

    Thank you...I'm glad someone else said what I've felt for some time now...Not trying to be a jerk either...But you can't just come around and claim a game is going to take the place of SWG...You can't...So I would like for those who continue to do this to please give it a rest...Let the game stand on it's own merit...if it has any...But there is no replacement for SWG...Unless first of all it's a Star Wars game...And secondly unless it contains a multitude of the same properties SWG had...The sandbox aspect is just the start...There's the one-of-a-kind Player Cities...The many, unique and huge planets...The amazing depth that came with the 250 skill point system...The incredible crafting and harvesting system...The Galactic War both PvP and PvE...The space combat...The player vendor system...The crazy amount of different NPC's and monsters...The Beastmaster/Creature Handler systems...The badge system...The instances...Well...Most of you already know all this...I could go on and on and on...Nothing is the next SWG unless it's the next SWG...Or the old SWG...Nothing...

    yep...true true true.

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    Originally posted by Makidian
    Originally posted by grndzro
    If this dosent pan out I will make my endless hobby to send varied packages of ants to SOE on a weekly basis.


    Just sayin'

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