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sad but true

i been a member since 2010 account got banded and this is the new one SO NO am Not New Here.


with every game every possible new and inovation It was destroyed by some of these people called MMorpger hell even Gamers is not the word for them.]

people come here and say times of Eq DAOC were great and awosome and etc ......., the community was great and awoseome and etc ........(they were part of these communities YES they were they say so) YET these great and awosme poeple come and offened everyone and everything they trolll every game that got a new thing to offer that maybe have the chance to break the WoW Type (not saying ITs bad i love wow yes i do ) but its good to have new stuff

these people come and shout every day for new and good stuff, But the truth is they cant stand new thing they Want to play Eq and old mmos only But they do buy these new game yet they dont love it and troll the hell out of it (Even tho every new game got new things to offer) BUT NO THEy just want to troll and troll


on the top of that They hate the gamewe get it BUT NO THEY have to make a thread every little second about how much they hate it and pick on every single little tiny stuff and troll it and call doom and gloom


PLUS PLUS ALL OF THAT, they offend people how like that game and accept these little tiny things (THEY call they BLIND, STUPied, SLAvees IDOITS all these BAD things and fourm mods never touch them or ban them)


WHat the hell happend to you if you dont like something then DONT PLAY IT DONT READ ABOUT IT and no its not opinion its called being a jerk, when you dont like someone you simply dont talk to him, when you dont like a produtc you simply ditch it.

this MMO they are always in DEVlopment from the moment they lunch till moment they shut down AND no THERE IS no pERfect everyone GAME.


sorry for bad english and thanx for reading


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