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Should Carbine add flying mounts to Wildstar

whiskeyhealzwhiskeyhealz Member Posts: 25

cast your vote on the subject.

the devs are listening.


  • VolmokVolmok Member UncommonPosts: 64

    If their wish is to destroy their own game, then yes, they should add flying mounts, pet battles, mini-games (like pac man, suppaplex, pokemon). :)

    MMOs that are based around faction conflicts should avoid adding thousand of ways for players to avoid open-world fights and also void adding reasons for players to stay 100% in the major cities (instant teleport to dungeons/raids). But this is just a personal opinion.


    TL;DR: No, the poll is useless ;)

  • AroukosAroukos Member Posts: 571
    Nty. No Flying Mounts, No LFR.
  • SatsunoryuSatsunoryu Member Posts: 285

    My friends and I have discussed this extensively.  On one hand, you have the obvious pitfalls WoW has suffered, which I really don't need to get into.  On the other hand, to not have access to flying mounts, from a lore perspective, seems almost ridiculous.  They have light-speed traveling space-ships and flying vehicles already in the game in the form of taxis, etc.

    So my opinion is this:  If Carbine wants to add the flying mounts, do something different with it.  Make the ships combat-oriented, telegraphs and all.  If people want to fly, fine, but that doesn't make them safe.  Open-world PVP dogfights anyone?  If you are blown out of the sky, you can parachute before the explosion and go to the ground, where then you must deal with any ground-based PVP your attacker or others may want to engage you in.  If you don't parachute, well, you blow up and die.  You could also give players on the ground access to something in case ships decide to fly too low, also.  Rocket launcher, etc., so even flying individuals have to think about where they are flying and around whom.

    Way I figure it, Carbine has done a good job so far of making sure the systems in the game have good mechanics are are fun while still being well integrated into the game-play.  I do not think flying mounts should stray from this.  I do think just adding flying mounts that allow people to safely go as they please all over the world would be a very bad idea and would be a serious threat to open-world PVP.

    Personally, I think the concept of sci-fi open-world dogfights sounds really fun, as long as it was done well.

  • whiskeyhealzwhiskeyhealz Member Posts: 25
    well I've posted this poll on multiple sites in order to try to get less biased feedback. it is also on the wildstar beta forums for devs to see.
  • DaessarDaessar Member Posts: 204
    and it won't make any difference because the devs have already issued a statement on it based on feedback.
  • DrunkWolfDrunkWolf Member RarePosts: 1,643
    well its in WoW so why not?
  • theNILVtheNILV Member UncommonPosts: 49
    Game is so heavily instanced at endgame that flying mounts wouldn't make any difference. 
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  • -aLpHa--aLpHa- Member UncommonPosts: 852

    Originally posted by Nilv
    Game is so heavily instanced at endgame that flying mounts wouldn't make any difference. 

    Makes a huge difference when farming mats.

  • AroukosAroukos Member Posts: 571
    Originally posted by -aLpHa-


    Originally posted by Nilv
    Game is so heavily instanced at endgame that flying mounts wouldn't make any difference. 


    Makes a huge difference when farming mats.


    Agree and it hurts the economy too.

    Btw its better having a seamless world, without loading screens and phasing in which you will have instanced places like raids & dungeons, than having a world full of phasing and loading screens.

  • Alber_gamerAlber_gamer Member UncommonPosts: 588

    Not until the second or third expansion, at least, and never during progression content.


    People should explore the areas on foot, not safely skip through them 3000 feet above.

    My opinion is my own. I respect all other opinions and views equally, but keep in mind that my opinion will always be the best for me. That's why it's my opinion.

  • XiaokiXiaoki Member RarePosts: 3,358

    Jeremy Gaffney has said that the world of Wildstar was built to accommodate flying mounts and that they will definitely be in the game.

    If you dont like flying mounts then too bad.

  • DaessarDaessar Member Posts: 204
    Originally posted by Xiaoki

    Jeremy Gaffney has said that the world of Wildstar was built to accommodate flying mounts and that they will definitely be in the game.

    If you dont like flying mounts then too bad.


    This was said in a quote from Feb 2013, several months later they issued another quote which said they are holding off on them based on feedback. So if you want to believe they will be in, that's your choice, but as of now the official statement is they are not.

  • PurutzilPurutzil Member UncommonPosts: 3,048
    No...  flying mounts destroy games. Wow is having so much trouble because of them, and has to force them to NOT be in the game with expansions since they tend to hurt the game greatly being around. A game has to be built from the ground up for flying mounts (meaning air hazards and terrain impossible for passing through walking) and even then it is difficult to not hurt the game even then in creating a good atmosphere.
  • BloodDualityBloodDuality Member UncommonPosts: 404

    I hope they don't add them as well. Not due to pvp reasons or avoiding conflict, but because it results in an overall world that feels smaller once you have the ability to quickly fly over everything. Back one I played wow it always seemed more interesting to run through the areas. Made everything feel more like a jurney and challenge to got from one place to the next. Once I could fly everything on the map just felt smaller. 

    im sure they could think up a lore reason to avoid flying. Maybe a worldwide anti air system that would prevent personal aircraft from safely flying due to some security protocol or modual that is very costly so only available to larger crafts and the taxi network. 

  • SatsunoryuSatsunoryu Member Posts: 285
    One thing to remember about Carbine statements right now is they are flexible and can change at any time, through testing and feedback.  Just like the recent addition of extra body types in the new patch, when not long ago they said it was impossible before release.  Just throwing that out there.  We have no idea what they may actually do or not do.  I will say, in my opinion, they will at some point.  The game world is definitely already built for it.  I think right now they are tip-toeing on the issue because the idea of it really pisses off a good % of their customers.
  • NanfoodleNanfoodle Member EpicPosts: 7,935
    Hope they dont... all I have to say about that.

  • HeraseHerase Member RarePosts: 992
    The only way i would accept it is if they design an area for it. So islands in the sky with ship races, air stations with quests and floating nodes (kind of like the ones in Aion), but the mounts are restricted to those areas. No adding it to other areas in the name of convenience. So if there going to do it they need to go the full mile and not some half ass implementation .
  • RebelScum99RebelScum99 Member Posts: 1,090

    I'd like to see flying mounts in the game, but in a limited capacity.  Maybe in limited zones/maps.  Make it part of PvP gameplay, not a means to traverse the world. 

    But, let's be honest, if you are thinking about lore, it SHOULD be in the game at some point.  I mean, it's a Sci-Fi game.  

  • SiphaedSiphaed Member RarePosts: 1,114

    There area already flying mounts in the game, ......sort of.   Gravity on Nexus' moon(s?) is very low in which rocket boosting (i.e. jumping) in a mount is about 3x that of on the planet itself.     So, if you go to the moon then you can fly in your mount....enjoy.



    Other than that, though, I'd really dislike seeing flying mounts in this game.  Main reason?  Breaks all sorts of things, including some lore.  See, if everyone and their mother was flying about, wouldn't the military forces of the opposite faction be locking on and firing everything out of the sky?  And wouldn't the [defective] Elden defenses of Nexus be attacking said flying people?   I'm sure the answer is "yes" to both those questions.  



    P.S.  Another KEY reason why there's no flying mounts in the game:  All air space in and around Nexus is owned and operated by Protostar for the purposes of selling floating land plots to potential settlers.  By this decree, there is no unauthorized air traffic allowed within this area other than what is already pre-contracted with Protostar. 

  • TerminalDeityTerminalDeity Member UncommonPosts: 133
    Absolutely NO flying mounts. Flying mounts add NOTHING to game play, haven't we already learned this? 
  • FdzzaiglFdzzaigl Member UncommonPosts: 2,433

    No, unless there are some serious mechanics in place that prevent it from becoming the usual "fly up to 1000 meters and enable autorun until you get to wherever you want to be" deal. Because that destroys world PvP and any sense of scale and exploration.

    Stuff like gliders, or flyers that have a limited operations range, could be very cool to have though.

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  • SatsunoryuSatsunoryu Member Posts: 285
    Originally posted by TerminalDeity
    Absolutely NO flying mounts. Flying mounts add NOTHING to game play, haven't we already learned this? 

    I agree only if that were to remain true.  The fact is though, they CAN add to gameplay if done correctly.  There are some very good ideas out there, and to simply not have flying isn't consistent with the world around you (where tons of stuff is flying).  I believe they should do it, but do it right and make damn sure they don't fall into the same mistakes as WoW.

  • jimmy123jimmy123 Member UncommonPosts: 318
    Originally posted by Aroukos
    Nty. No Flying Mounts, No LFR.

    Agree with Aroukos 100%

  • GeridenGeriden Member UncommonPosts: 390

    As cool as flying mounts are in some games, I personally found they just destroy the sense of community.

    You barely see anyone around, people just dart from location to location and fly away. So i really hope

    they dont add this and just stick to land based mounts or maybe some sort of hover ones that arent exaxtly flying

    but dont aggro mobs maybe.

  • mrbowser81mrbowser81 Member Posts: 27
    So I hear everybody but lets not forget wow made you earn flight first by Lvov then by money which meant farming crafting auction house and lets not forget extra quest content and raiding flight allows more adventuring.... but what I always wished wow did was bring in more races and appearance choices so if wildstar wanted to take wow players take that route I purchased early so I will be playing 4/18/14 and I will do a my first impression video then YouTube channel mrbowser81
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