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Clones running around...

XepherdXepherd Member UncommonPosts: 105


I am very impressed by character creation & the various gameplay footage, however what worries me in said footage is: I saw 8-10 times the same Barbarian with double axe running around.

It's nice to be able to edit the cheeks of your character, change the curvature & color of the hair with incredible precision etc. but are you really limited to this character (face + weapon) like...what if I wanna make another Babarian with a totally different face, using a 2-handed sword for example.

Is this game limited like TERA, I mean - like 1 class = 1 weapon only?

Do you really get only one face per class? (Even tho you can edit it)

At first I was excited by this game but this "clone" thing is worrying me since I see so many clones running around in gameplay footage. Thanks in advance for the responses!

(On the other hand, the landscapes are pretty deep & impressive! WOW! I hope *crossing my fingers* it's not just a more open Vindictus)


  • ShaighShaigh Member EpicPosts: 2,100

    CBT1 was about testing functionality of the game and there were almost no customization during the test which is why everyone is a clone. CBT2 is adding character customization, although from the video it looks like you start with the same sort of starting face which depends on your class.


    I don't know if it will be like tera with 1 class=1 weapon only, but I find it likely.

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  • ikcinikcin Member RarePosts: 2,211
    I suggest you shall wait for CBT3.
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