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Not an mmo, not an rpg.

adam_noxadam_nox Member UncommonPosts: 2,130

Barely a game.  Watching a youtube vid:


Not only is it browser trash, it doesn't seem to even try, it just takes you into small stages where you kill zombies, rinse repeat.  STAGE CLEAR!  Sorry, but there will never be a legitimate mmo that says that.


  • obocoboc Member UncommonPosts: 189
    Yup, garbage ! Stay clear of this one people, Unless you have more money then ummm ? You get the point. Pay wall, recharge this that and the other. 
  • StizzledStizzled Member RarePosts: 1,979
    The name alone was enough to not even give this game a second glance.
  • ImpacthoundImpacthound Member UncommonPosts: 367
    Zombies Ate My Neighbors was a fantastic co-op SNES game, but if it's trapped in the swamp of microtransactions that really bums me out... :(
  • FoomerangFoomerang Member UncommonPosts: 5,619

    Pizzas ate my Zombie. Now that I would have checked out. They were so close hehe

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