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Rise of Sanguine - EU | ITA | PC | PvX | Ebonheart Pact

DarioZDarioZ Member UncommonPosts: 4

Rise of Sanguine

All will hail Lord Sanguine, the master of debauchery. For humans are sinful by nature. If a human, any human, had the chance to do everything he would, being unnoticed or unpunished, what would he do? Pray? Be a hero? Of course not. Any “virtue” is just an excuse to mask the pleasure to be praised and worshipped.

We know that, our great Lord opened our eyes, and we are not so fool or hypocritical to think so. The sins are humans and humans are sinful. Come with us and enjoy your life plenty. We celebrate lust, gluttony, pride, wrath and greed. Whatever you want to do or to be you will with us! And we will let all the other peoples of Tamriel know the truth:

we are all sinful

  • Who are we

Rise of Sanguine is an Italian and international guild born in 2013. It has been founded by a long time group of friends, coming mainly from a previous WoW guild, looking forward for a long term competitive experience in Elder Scrolls Online.

  • Who are we looking for

As Italian Ebonheart guild we look for mainly Italian people but we have also international players. We look for any kind of player, with any kind of interest, if there will be enough players to be more hardcore the guild will be more hardcore, if not the guild will always adapt to its majority of player’s needs, with the aim to be competitive on any front of the game, from PvP, to PvE, to crafting. We will have centralized guild bank and a dedicated Officer. We also have many Roleplayer guildmates.

Our main timezone will be CET (GMT +1.00)

  • How are we organized

RoS will use a formula that in the years ensured the stable and healthy life of the previous WoW guild, a strong hierarchical structure, with possibility to change the officer or GM roles if there are reasons to or better candidates, and clear powers and responsibilities for any guild member level. We are in touch with many international sites. We are part of the Ebon Trading Company and of Tamriel Tradings, two commercial guilds the former Ebonheart, the latter cross faction. We are in contact with other guilds of every faction to ensure the enjoyment of our PvP.

We are actually using a registered custom domain based on a Shivtr template, and we are using Raidcall as voice chat.

  • Core values

We believe strongly in open talking, good education and constructive criticism. We want everyone to enjoy the game as basis, not to feel it as a work, still we will require a minimum of goodwill and effort by any player that wants to partecipate to guild closed number (and not) activity.

We look for people first, then for numbers. It’s important to have a large player basis but everyone must know the others because we believe that half of the enjoyment from MMORPGs is the social part!

  • Our mission

As stated above we look for a competitive and long lasting experience, we have found our homegame, we have no plan to change it until Zenimax Online holds the servers up.

Actually we have more than 70 active members guilded in game. We have people from 14 up to 45 years old, with a mean age of 30 years old. We already have foreign members.

We got through the start phases and arranged the nomination of the support officers helping the already exhisting ones to face the strong guildmates number increase during the first game days.

At the moment the guild is committed to support the guild member’s progression, and the officers will ensure that the cooperation will be the maximum possible between guildmates, recruitements are still open even though there is much more selection comparing the pre-launch.

Once we reach a good number of players, enough to be able to find always a guildmate online to do what one prefers to, the recruitments will slow down and even stop.


  • DarioZDarioZ Member UncommonPosts: 4
    Updated the recruitment thread to post launch.
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