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One question about the leveling

GorweGorwe Member EpicPosts: 6,045

Is there a way to play TOR via only Planetary/Class quests?

No Flashpoints, no warzones, no silly side quests. Basically like one would play KOTOR 3.

Cartel purchases? Legacy unlocks? I am open to anything seeing how the side quests annoyed me the very First time I did them, let alone all the other times. I have orange gear planned and ready for all my characters, so don't worry about the gear.

Besides that awfully repetitive part, is an awesome game!

Thank you!


  • EolexEolex Member UncommonPosts: 20
    Subscribe, join a 10% bonus qualified guild, unlock 30% bonus from legacy for class and exploration, have the 25% bonus from cartel market, play on a double xp weekend. That is pretty much the only way to stick to just class quests. Doing all of the above and a flashpoint/space mission every other planet or so will net the same result without the double xp weekend. Also, kill everything you can on the way to and from quests.
  • GorweGorwe Member EpicPosts: 6,045

    There isn't other way but to subscribe. And I don't feel bad about it.

    Without 2x XPers I am hosed? Oh and I haven't said Class only. I am also interested in the Planetaries(Operation Breaking Point, Thing That Czerka Found, Kingmaker etc).

  • EolexEolex Member UncommonPosts: 20

    Well, what I did was finally try out all of the bonus series missions. Yes they are side quests, but it was story that I hadn't experienced before. It made leveling alts less tedious since the class story along with bonus series stories were all fresh. Keep in mind, its only about every other planet that you are going to have to pick up some side work to stay ahead of it.

  • EolexEolex Member UncommonPosts: 20

    I also forgot to mention, stay current as possible with all of your companion quests. Feed them the gifts and get the easy xp that way


  • GorweGorwe Member EpicPosts: 6,045

    Bonus series are planetary. All of them. Therefore, they're in.

    Oh and does anyone else have some advice?

  • BadOrbBadOrb Member UncommonPosts: 791

    I don't think it will be possible , just with the planet story quests and class quests. Mind you if you play in the events that come round gree , bounty contract , rakghoul then you might have a chance. One good way of avoiding the side quests is to leave your character somewhere that has many heroic 2 or heroic 4 missions and do them daily until you get no xp from them. By the time you get to the last few planets you should be able to skip even more side quests. again I doubt you can skip every single one though.

    I didn't do FP's or WZ on my first 12 characters and could miss out some side quests by my 8th character or so.



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  • CreatorzimCreatorzim Member Posts: 273
    What do you mean by side quests really? Im replaying right now actually after quitting awhile ago. For me I grab all quests in an area, do them move to the next area, rinse and repeat gathering interesting main storyline. Im in my 30s right now not having to do any group questing or using any of the extra xp packs i keep receiving probably have 20 saved up.


  • GorweGorwe Member EpicPosts: 6,045
    Originally posted by Creatorzim
    What do you mean by side quests really? Im replaying right now actually after quitting awhile ago. For me I grab all quests in an area, do them move to the next area, rinse and repeat gathering interesting main storyline. Im in my 30s right now not having to do any group questing or using any of the extra xp packs i keep receiving probably have 20 saved up.

    That's exactly what I mean by side quests. I don't want to just pile up every quest. It is just too OOC for me. I can understand a BH or a Smuggler doing all of them(creds hear hear), but others? What does it concern the Sith, the Jedi and the Militaries? /shrug.

    Sure, I grew up on the likes of BG, PS:T, Morrowind, Dungeon Siege and the like. Therefore, just piling quests is O.o to me. It never really appealed to me. If there aren't a lot of quests(3-5/hub) I can tolerate it. Anything more than that gets on my nerves.

    Does an xp unlock for the legacy cost credits? I am sure it does(why would you be rewarded just for playing?)...

  • CreatorzimCreatorzim Member Posts: 273

    I mean if KOTOR 3 came out you are saying you would skip half the quest just because you dont like them? For me that is something I dont do in RPGS. I play the hell out of them, over and over multiple times seeing different stories I could have done instead, finding every single hidden item.

    I probably played KOTOR 1 8 time full doing everything possible almost. 2 probably 4 times. Same reason why I go back today and play games like FF8 which I have beaten countless times just because they are fun to play.

    I dont understand why would wouldnt want to experience every part of the game. At least the easy stuff that is inches away from your main quest as it is. Right now im 32 and just got to Alderaan which is a 28 area. Its not hard to outquest the areas so even cutting some of the quests you dont like that are not next to you while on your way to main story line you would be able to easily stay level. You also have dungeons, which is now like wow that you can just click to join, which are something I think jedis and sith would be doing since that is where you see them almost constantly during the movies.


  • GorweGorwe Member EpicPosts: 6,045
    The thing is, other Bioware games have less quests. And almost all of them being interesting/important to the character. Half(or so) of the quests in TOR I feel like the only purpose to them is not to tell the story or to enrichen the experience. They are filler quests to give you extra xp.

    THAT's the difference!
  • trancejeremytrancejeremy Member UncommonPosts: 1,222

    As a F2P player (well, preferred), it was very hard being high enough level to meet the planet range, despite doing all the sidequests and bonus series.


    I would have finished Alderaan on my main at 30 if I hadn't done KDY on him a bunch.

    R.I.P. City of Heroes and my 17 characters there

  • ButeoRegalisButeoRegalis Member UncommonPosts: 593

    If you keep up with your gear, i.e. orange shells with almost all level appropriate pieces in them, you can easily do orange level missions, 2, 3 or 4 levels above you. Depending on your class you can also tackle 2+ heroics alone, sometimes even 4+, though not at orange :) .

    If you have other characters at 50 turn one of them into the moneymaker through GTN/crafting. That should easily get you the creds to stock up on the XP boosts.

    Legacy unlocks cost credits, sometimes a lot. Another reason to have one toon that can make money.


  • GorweGorwe Member EpicPosts: 6,045
    So, I need to make a character that is going to just basically swoop all the available quests(sort of like Dyson) and get to the end. Check.

    As I said, those two(one at either side) will be the unaffiliated ones. The Bounty Hunter(which I could restart as a merc) and the Smuggler(Scoundrel).

    They'll be the trailblazers for the following two from the military(Agent, Trooper).

    Does this sound ok?
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