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Any one come across something about the ole 8man's

pdabb38pdabb38 Member Posts: 43
I hope they are comming  back. Gotta have a speed class (my favorite).Actually I almost always played support.I hope there will be group based abilities. I love the group based RvR. Okay don't have to be a skald class,but I hope its not just a mass of toons cruising the frontier  at speed 1 ala guild wars.


  • jmstephejmstephe Member Posts: 11
    There will  be a speed/support class. Most likely a few different speeds,group buffs, and group abilities. It's going to a be a more modern DAoC, a dash of minecraft, and just all around fun.
  • Bozo256Bozo256 Member Posts: 74

    I'm somewhat disappointed that there hasn't been much said about this.  It seems like they're focusing more on the never-ending zerg battles, rather than the roaming group v group fights that so many of us enjoyed in DAOC.

    DAOC's roaming fights were pretty unique, and I'm convinced that this came about due to the necessity of speed classes.  The penalty for not having speed was so severe that you never saw anyone roaming the countryside who wasn't in a balanced 8 man group.  On the other side of the spectrum were the large zergs, but they never had enough of the proper support classes to move all of them around in this way, so they would often split up to move which presented some great targets of opportunity.

    In any case, whatever CU decides to do, I hope they offer mechanics that provide fun and rewarding opportunities for the single group enthusiasts amongst us.

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